Who Rides a Faraday?

Our awesome Kickstarter backers have purchased their 2013 Porteurs for a wide range of reasons – from staying active as a baby boomer, to sweat-free commuting, to simply increasing cargo load and distance for errand-running. Below, we’ve highlighted a few responses from around the country:
Baby Boomers: “I am 63 years old and I want to enjoy biking as I always have – I look forward to the excellent assist the Faraday will give me! I am a true baby boomer that will stay active for a long time!” – Jean from Portland, OR
Conscious Commuters: “I bought my Faraday so I can ride sweat-free to work, my bag on my bike and looking stylish. I have always loved functional city bikes and love that the Faraday has built-in lights that I don’t have to remove when I stop or remember to turn on/off or recharge. I also love supporting a new type of Eco-conscious transportation, one of the few believable ways we can have more people in less space with less carbon footprint.” – Darius from San Francisco, CA
Errand Runners: “I purchased the Faraday firstly for around-town riding, so I can run longer errands, with more cargo, in a larger range without worrying about hills or bus schedules…my hope is that after I get more comfortable on my bike, I can join my husband and father and brother on the longer, more challenging day tours they take.” – Valerie from Portland, OR
Design Lovers: “All my hardcore design/biker friends scoff at eBikes, but finally said, ‘ok, you can get that one!’” –John from Seattle, WA
What type of Faraday rider are you? Follow our progress on Kickstarter (UPDATE: $100,000 raised in 7 days!) and spread the word: a pedal revolution is brewing!