What’s so special about a Faraday?

Take a bike, put a motor on it, attach a battery, and boom, you have an eBike! A sad eBike. At Faraday we go to great lengths to seamlessly integrate the electronics without sacrificing what makes a bike a bike. Here’s a glimpse into how we make our ride experience better than the rest.

faraday's knot icon

Our battery is DENSE (in a good way)

Faraday initially made a splash by being the first manufacturer to place a battery inside the frame. It was important for us to maintain the classic lines and the ride quality that comes with a well-made bicycle. To successfully “hide” the battery in such a small space, we needed to build one from scratch with best-in-class Panasonic cells. Over 10 sensors continuously monitor the battery to ensure optimal safety and performance. The final product is a compact engineering feat that gives our battery the highest energy density of any eBike battery on the market. It also helps us keep the weight down.

With great power comes great algorithm

All hail the “brain” of the bike. This small, but mighty “controller” runs all of the electronics on the bike. Our proprietary algorithm is monitoring the force and cadence of your pedal strokes from the bottom bracket (where the pedals connect) and communicating that to this unit, which in turn sends a signal to the motor to kick in proportionally. All that is a fancy way to say that the ride is super smooth and feels like a natural extension of your body –  no surging or delayed starts.


Wheelie powerful
(Please forgive us)

One of the reasons a Faraday stands out is because it’s hard to spot the electronics. People know something is afoot when they see one, but not sure what. Is that the battery? What’s that thing on the back? Our motor is no different. We’ve picked a 250W motor that is sleek and weighs in under 4 lbs. A geared hub motor, like ours, is quiet and provides excellent torque for quick acceleration – especially when paired with our 26” wheels. By keeping the power on the front wheel rather than in the pedals or gears of the bike, we’re able to maintain that natural biking sensation that’s elusive to a lot of the electric bikes out there.


Intuitive Selection

Our take is that we already spend enough time in front of screens throughout the day. For us, being on a bike is an opportunity to unplug and enjoy the ride. Therefore, we’ve deliberately minimized our “mode selector” to be a simple e-ink display that shows the battery level (like you see on a Kindle). There’s not 6 assist levels and a bunch of numbers to distract you, just “standard” assist for easy gliding and “boost” mode for when you really want to flatten a hill or pull away from the pack at a stop light. Want to get some extra-exercise in? Just flip the switch to “off” and pedal to your heart’s content. It’s intuitive and easy to use – just like a bike should be.


Custom customizable

The battery, controller, and mode selector are all custom designed by and unique to Faraday. Nothing is “off-the-shelf.” But Faraday’s design team love bikes just the way they are and how fun it is to personalize them. A favorite basket, saddle, pedals need to still fit despite all the new technology packed into the bike. So the designers and engineers went the extra mile to avoid the exterior battery “brick” you see on most eBikes and kept standard sizing everywhere else. The result is a bike with a traditional, elegant form and powerful but discreet performance to serve one purpose: Make bicycling irresistible.


Fancy a test spin?

Contact your local dealer. They won’t bite, and you’ll get to have fun on a Faraday for free!