What is an eBike?

An electric bike, abbreviated to eBike, is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor. They pedal, handle, and typically look like a standard bike but have the benefits of electric assist, which requires less overall energy exertion, and allows for the rider to travel longer and at faster speeds with ease. eBikes typically offer the rider a throttle or boost option, however, riders are generally required to pedal in unison, and of course, when the charge runs out. eBikes have the main components like motor, battery, and controller all integrated right into the design of the bike. They are intended to complement human power, not replace it (it’s still a bicycle after all!). Most electric bikes on a flat road or path can go speeds of about 20-25 miles per hour which allows electric bikes to be ridden in bike lanes and on trails. 

Electric bikes need charging like any other battery-powered device. Charging the battery is as simple as plugging it into a wall outlet. Contingent on the quality of the battery, charging can take anywhere between 2-8 hours. Faraday bikes can charge from zero to full in a mere 3 hours – that’s as fast as charging your phone (but who’s keeping track?). Depending on the eBike, they have various range abilities which can be extended by using pedal only or reduced electric assist when going up steep hills that require more battery power – at Faraday, our bikes have a range of about 25 miles which is perfect for bike commuting or running errands around town. 

eBike Settings: 

To ride the bike, you have a few mode options, pedal only and electric-assist. Pedal only mode works just like a regular bicycle. There’s no extra support from the motor, making this the fully human-powered option. You can use this mode on straightaways to save battery power. In electric-assist mode, you have the best of both worlds – human plus electric power! In this mode the power from the motor will assist your pedal, offering you less resistance and an easier pedal stride.  You can use our simple mode selector to customize every ride safely without looking at a digital screen. Faraday bikes have simplified the mode selector by offering two assist options, a standard assist for easy gliding and a “boost mode” for when you really want to kick it into high gear. You can also flip the switch to “off” to remove all electric assist and get some extra exercise in. 

There are many reasons to ride an electric bike but the best of all is that with an eBike, anyone can ride! Go further, faster and enjoy more time riding an electric bike. Smiles are guaranteed!