We Asked, You Answered

A couple weeks back, we sent a survey to our email list, asking folks to provide their thoughts on what makes electric bikes interesting, how they would eventually use them, and more. We were thrilled with the level of response, and thanks to everyone who participated.
As a sign of our appreciation, we wanted to share some of our electric bike survey findings with you.


Why get an electric bike?

A full 63% of respondents said they’d use an eBike as their primary method of commuting. Not a huge surprise, as just about everyone who works at Faraday – and the majority of those who already own one – uses their Porteur to get to work and back at least 4 days a week. There’s nothing like showing up fresh and ready for the day (rather than sweaty and tired), then slicing through the inevitable evening headwind on the way home.

Running errands and leisure/recreation got plenty of votes themselves, which also didn’t come as a surprise. All you have to do is check out this great Hum of the City blog, and you’ll know that once you get a Porteur, you’re going to be looking for reasons to ride it. Groceries? I’ll go. Dry Cleaning? I can pick that up… You’ll be the hero of your household.

How much should an electric bike cost?

Well, that really depends on the bike according to our respondents. But a clear consensus formed that bikes under the $2000 mark are considered of questionable quality. And bikes over $4000 are starting to head out of most peoples’ price range. That puts a bike like our recently launched Porteur S right at the heart of the range that people are looking for. Hopefully you all agree!

What matters most in an electric bike?

One thing we’ve done very consciously with the Porteur is work to balance style and weight with power and range in order to deliver a fun, functional, easy-to-handle electric bike that is ideal for daily city riding. From the responses on what you’re looking for in an electric bike, we feel good about striking that balance.

The top two traits that respondents asked for in an electric bike were style and comfort. Range came in a close third. The least interesting to you? A throttle and an app/connectivity. It seems there’s still a desire to get out and go for a ride without being interrupted by calls, texts and alerts…

What does an electric bike replace?

While most people see a new electric bike more as an additional means of transportation rather than a full replacement for an existing vehicle, there were strong numbers in both the “Will replace an existing bike” and “Will replace a car/truck” camps. In fact, both of those answered garnered 45% of the vote, with the third place finisher, Public Transit, left far behind.

Where do you want to buy your next bike?

While there are plenty of you who are happy to buy online due to the convenience and ease of never leaving the house and having the bike delivered ready to ride, a large majority still prefer good old-fashioned bike shops. The main reason was, not surprisingly, a desire to see, feel and try the bike before buying. Glad we’ve got so many great dealer partners, with more on the way!

Thanks for reading through our electric bike survey results! Check out our more recent survey with Faraday customers