Video: Whole Foods Features Faraday's Electric Bicycle as Sustainable Product

dark rye-001
Few American businesses have been as successful at bringing sustainable goods and practices into the mainstream as Whole Foods Market
It’s easy nowadays to understand the success of a grocery selling high-quality, sustainable foods and products, but we would have to guess that when the company was founded over 20 years ago, more than a few people told them they were crazy.  If you asked us, we’d attribute Whole Foods’ success to a deep understanding of consumer behavior and a healthy dose of the rare sort of conviction that’s required to stick to a vision of the future that few others in the present can see.
That’s why we are incredibly excited that, when Whole Foods’ online magazine Dark Rye was putting together an issue focused on powerful trends in sustainability that are disrupting the way we live, eat, work, and move, they got in touch with Faraday.  Faraday’s story captures just a small piece of an enormous global narrative about the ways in which our car-centric lifestyles are being altered – for the better.
We’d rattle off a long list of stats and links about the surge of riders on public transportation, the falling rates of car ownership around the world, the massive investments in bike infrastructure, and the hundreds of thousands of new cyclists on the road each year – but the story is far more compelling when told through the lens of the camera in this beautiful video that Dark Rye produced.  Check it out below:

All told we spent three days producing this video, logged more than 20 miles on the bike crisscrossing the bay area, and cruised up and down some of SF’s knarliest hills – electric motor HIGHLY recommended.  Huge props to the team at Dark Rye for their amazing work putting this together.  We hope you’re as inspired as we are to dust off your bike, throw a box on the back, and head out for a spin.