Update RCB Firmware - Procedure - Faraday Bikes

Update RCB Firmware – Procedure


Tools Needed

  • Windows (7 or later) Computer
  • Faraday M5 USB Serial cable
  • Faraday Utility



This firmware update is not compatible with first generations Porteurs. If the bike in questions is a belt drive Porteurs with mechanical brakes it is likely, not compatible. Please check the controller version found on the non-drive-side of the controller. If the controllers is a Rev – C as shown below, do not update the bike.




Step One: Disconnect the mode selector

Step Two: Connect the diagnostic cable to top tube cable and mode selector. Take care not bend any pins by lining up the arrows on the connectors.

Step Three: Connect the USB to your computer

Step Four: Open the Faraday Utility. Check there is a COM device highlighted in green. If you don’t see this, click ‘Refresh.’

Step Five: In order to test the connection, select ‘System Info.’ The console should print out similarly to the picture below. Cycle power to the bike if prompted.

Step Six: Select ‘RCB Update’ in the Faraday Utility. Navigate to the Rear Controller V2.2.4r.hex. If you have not downloaded this file you can find it here. If necessary, cycle power on the bike.

Step Eight: The firmware update takes a couple minutes and shows progress via a progression of dots. The system may give errors. This is not usually a problem. If the program retries more then five times, restart both the utility and the bike and try again.

Step Nine: When prompted to erase the bike’s data log, select ‘Yes’.

Step Ten: Turn the bike off before disconnecting the serial cable and reconnecting the mode selector. Be sure to test ride the bike.


Firmware Update – 8.29.17_v1.pdf
400 KB  .  Download