The Quiet Bike Revolution Across the US

At Faraday, we believe in making exceptional bicycles that are a thrill to ride – bicycles that will expand the boundaries of what you believe is possible on a bike, whether you’re a daily commuter, or an occasional weekend pleasure rider.  That said, we’re keenly aware of what the limits of the bicycle itself are.
A generous electric assist can do wonders to make you feel safer in traffic or help you accelerate across crowded intersections quickly, but at some point no bicycle can match the confidence one gets from riding in a broad, protected bicycle lane, in the company of other riders (like this beautiful new bike lane in San Francisco that rolls right past our new office on 8th St. – thanks San Francisco bike coalition!).

Articles like this one from Portland, or this one, from Minneapolis show how those with power like mayors, policymakers, planners, and business leaders are coming to realize what cyclists have now known for years – that a quiet revolution is brewing in the US. More and more people are now opting out of their cars and instead choosing to navigate our city streets by bike – choosing an experience that provides a more intimate connection to our vibrant cities, saves time, saves money, and gives them a welcome dose of fresh air and exercise to break up their work day.
It’s a virtuous cycle. The more of us cyclists on the street, the more it becomes clear to policymakers and employers that investing in safe bicycle infrastructure is an imperative to sustaining vibrant urban economies now and in the future. So, to the riders, planners, mayors, and CEO’s out there making it happen – we congratulate you!  Keep up the good work. Have any other great stories about the Quiet Revolution?  Send ’em our way, we love to hear them.