The Faces of Faraday: Catching Up with Customers Across the Country

We have to let you in on a little secret: Faraday riders are an amazing bunch. Sprinkled throughout the United States from Honolulu to Cambridge, it is hard to find a more diverse, enthusiastic and forward-thinking group. While they are notoriously hard to track down as they zip through their neighborhoods at 20 mph, we managed to catch up with a handful of riders to share a photo and a few words about their bike. This week we are featuring a few friendly faces so you can hear what they have to say about being a Faraday owner.

“So enthused to be an original owner. I get stopped nearly every ride by people asking questions and marveling over the craftsmanship. I live at the top of a five-block incline so traditional biking was out of the question. Look at me now, slaloming up Potrero hills without breaking a sweat! Transportational autonomy is key, and the Faraday makes distances much more feasible. Thank you!”

Ligaya, Bike #0157 – San Francisco, CA


“I have a smug look in this photo because I have been feeling the smugness since the day the Faraday arrived. The Porteur gets constant admiration. I meet so many, like myself, who appreciate art in motion. Love the ride and the freedom it provides.”

Tim, Bike #0002 – Cambridge, MA

“My husband bought Faraday #138 for my 64th birthday and I ride it up and down the steep hills of Portland. I still get the exercise but it takes me places I couldn’t otherwise go. The bike captures everyone’s attention. Usually, it is the design and beauty that catches the eye, not the electric assist. That feature is well concealed, sometimes to even the most experienced bike-aholic. When they find out it is electric, they are full of questions and occasionally beg for a test ride. I usually accommodate, keeping their bike as collateral. They always return with a smile on their face, amazed with the performance and many with a conviction to one day have their own Faraday. Expect sales to soar in Portland.”

Gail, Bike #0138 – Portland, OR

People like Ligaya, Tim & Gail are the best part of coming to work at Faraday Bikes. We love seeing their smiling faces and we can’t wait to meet the next generation of Faraday owners. This is the first of an ongoing series where we’ll share the amazing stories, photos, and feedback we’ve received from the Faraday community. To join these three and the rest of our Faraday riders, place your pre-order today for our next limited-edition run, shipping March 2015.  Looking for just a taste of the Faraday experience? Look for a dealer near you, sign up for our Demo Program today, or call us up – we’re here to answer your questions.