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Tech Bulletin – Cortland Bottom Bracket

Date: October 6, 2016

Model Affected:2017

Faraday Cortland S2017

Faraday Porteur S

2016 Faraday Porteur S


The 2017 Porteur S and 2017 Cortland S bicycles use a new bottom bracket assembly. As a rule of thumb, bikes with an internally geared hub up have a Thune bottom bracket. All bikes with a derailleur use a TDCM bottom bracket.

The bottom brackets are not interchangeable between bikes. A Thune bottom bracket will only work on an internally geared Faraday. A TDCM bottom bracket will only work on a derailleur Faraday.

Faraday controllers are programmed to work with either a Thune bottom bracket or a TDCM bottom bracket. A controller will need a parameter update if moved from one bottom bracket type to the other. Contact Faraday for more information on updating the parameters.

The TDCM bottom bracket (on all derailleur bikes) has very specific assembly instructions. See file “Faraday TDCM BBTS Installation 1.01”. Read through these instructions before attempting to remove or adjust a bottom bracket on any derailleur Faraday bicycle.

The TDCM bottom bracket (derailleur bikes) reads torque differently from the Thune bottom bracket (belt drive bikes) Turning the crank arm while a derailleur Faraday is in a bike stand does not always activate the motor. This does not imply the bike is defective. Always test derailleur Faradays by performing a test ride.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Faraday Bicycles at 415-834-5860 or

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