Update Selector Firmware - Procedure - Faraday Bikes

Update Selector Firmware – Procedure


Tools Needed

  • Windows ( 7 or later) computer
  • Faraday Utility (v1.0.4.10)
  • Faraday USB Diagnostic Cable
  • Selector Firmware ‘Selector-nRF51-Firmware-2.1.2r-application.hex’



Step One: Disconnect the Selector cable.

Step Two: Connect the diagnostic cable to the top tube cable and Selector cable. Take care to line up the arrows on the connectors before tightening.

Step Three: Connect the USB to your computer.

Step Four: Open the Faraday Utility. Check there is a COM device highlighted in green. If you don’t see this, click ‘Refresh.’

Step Five: In order to test the connection, select ‘System Info.’ If prompted, cycle power to the bike. The console display should be similar to the picture below.

Step Six: Select ‘Selector Update’ and navigate to the file “Selector-nRF51-Firmware-2.1.2r-application.hex” If you have not yet downloaded it’s available here.

Step Seven: After updating the selector version should display as 2.1 in system info