Update BAC Firmware - Procedure - Faraday Bikes

Update BAC Firmware – Procedure


Tools Needed

  • Windows ( 7 or later) computer
  • Faraday Utility (v1.0.4.10)
  • BACDoor Utility (v.
  • Faraday USB Diagnostic Cable




Step One: Disconnect the Selector cable.

Step Two: Connect the diagnostic cable to the top tube cable and Selector cable. Take care to line up the arrows on the connectors before tightening.

Step Three: Connect the USB to your computer.

Step Four: Open the Faraday Utility. Check there is a COM device highlighted in green. If you don’t see this, click ‘Refresh.’

Step Five: In order to test the connection, select ‘System Info.’ If prompted, cycle power to the bike. The console display should be similar to the picture below.

Step Six: To update the BAC select ‘BAC Update.’ The bike will enter in Advanced Access Mode. Once in Advanced Access Mode, two red LEDs will be illuminated on the Controller.

Step Seven: Now that we are in Advanced Access Mode we can now open the BACDoor Utility. Without exiting the Faraday Utility, Open BACDoor. BACDoor presents many panels of data – we can ignore most of this.

Step Eight: Navigate to the far right panel where it says “Network.” Select ‘Connect’. You should see the connect button turn green and there should be activity in both Rx and Tx. This means you can now communicate with the BAC. If you are unable to connect, check the port dropdown for other COM devices and try again.

Step Nine: Navigate to the top left menu and select ‘File’ and then ‘Bootloader.’ In the file browser navigate to the firmware file: ‘BAC Application 5792.ehx.’ If you have not downloaded it yet you can download it here. The BACDoor Utility will gray out and display a percentage. It may take a few seconds to increase beyond 0%, this is normal.

Step Ten:

BACDoor will confirm the bootloader has been installed. You can close out of the utility. You will not need it again. Restart the Faraday. We need to now update motor parameters. Instructions found here. Feel free to skip ahead to step five.