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Faraday Software – Complete


The complete selection of Faraday applications and firmware files sorted by folder. Download, unzip and navigate to the relevant folder.



  • Utility for installing updates to the BAC and advanced troubleshooting. Use with caution.

BAC Firmware:

  • BAC Application 5792.exh

Battery Utility

  • A utility to check pack voltage and cell balance. Works best after selecting BAC Update on the Faraday Utility

Faraday Utility:

  • The primary utility for debugging and update a Faraday bicycle

Motor Parameters:

  • NCTE 43V 11 Rev3.xml
  • TDCM 43V 11 Rev3.xml
  • THUN Rev4 36V.xml

RCB Firmware

  • RearController V2.2.4r.hex

Selector Firmware

  • Selector-nRF51-Firmware-2.1.2r-application.hex


Faraday Files Q42018.zip
6 MB  .  Download