Water Ingress - Faraday Bikes

Water Ingress


Symptom : Bike turns itself on

Impacted Units : 5-10%

Resolution : Update motor controller firmware and motor parameters

The Faraday Controller is not as water resistant as originally stated. The fiber washer used around XLR socket was discovered to be permeable. This allows water to seep inside the controller housing and interfere with the electronics inside. Due to the orientation of the controllers this issue primarily affects Cortland(S) bikes.

To combat this issue we are recommending you avoid storing the bike outside or riding it in heavy rain. This minimizes the chance of standing water within the controller. If after riding in the rain, the bike starts to exhibit strange behaviors it is important to turn off the bike as soon as possible. If the bike then shows signs of turning itself back it is important to disconnect the battery from the controller.

Use a 3m hex wrench to remove the plastic panel on the seat tube. Once this is off, find the thickest wire inside the seat tube. Pull this three prong connector apart and confirm you can no longer turn the bike on. After 24 hours, see if the bike had dried and is working normally. If the issue persists, bring the bike to your local dealer for service.