TDCM Bottom Bracket Play - Faraday Bikes

TDCM Bottom Bracket Play

Models : 2017 Cortland S, 2017 Porteur S

Symptom : Play in BB after tightening cups to specified torque

Impacted Units : 10-20%

Resolution : Reinstall BB – if issues persist, warranty component


Cortland S bikes and all derailleur Porteur S bikes to-date have shipped with a bottom bracket from the manufacturer TDCM. In some (10-20%) of these bottom brackets, we have experienced poor tolerances leading to mechanical play felt at the cranks. In some cases, proper tightening or re-installation may correct the issue. In others, the play persists. As TDCM has not been proactive in resolving the issue we will moving to a new bottom bracket supplier starting in Q3 2017. Should you experience a TDCM bottom bracket with poor tolerances leading to mechanical play, please contact Faraday and we will a) walk you through the steps for reinstallation and b) provide a warranty part if needed.