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Resolved – Motor cutout on bumps

Symptom : Bike cuts out occasionally on steep hills or after hitting bumps

Impacted Units : 5-10%

Resolution : Update motor controller firmware and motor parameters

An occasional issue customers have reported is the bike’s motor cutting out while riding. Importantly, the bike remains powered on but the motor loses power. To regain motor function the user is required to restart the bike. This is been mostly a minor inconvenience but has led to some dangerous situations when the bikes behave unexpectedly at inopportune times.

We have traced the issue to an overvoltage fault. Bumps or sudden surges can cause an EMF spike that triggered this safety feature to engage. After further investigation and testing we have learned the fault threshold was set to be lower than necessary. Its current setting reflects use with older motor controller hardware that is no longer on our bikes.

We have issued a two-step fix that first, applies a firmware update that gives the bike access to the necessary parameters. The second step involves uploading updated parameter files. For more details on this process refer to:

  1. Update BAC Controller – Procedure
  2. Update Motor Parameters – Procedure