Resolved - Blue LED Bug - Faraday Bikes

Resolved – Blue LED Bug

Models: All Models

Symptom: Bike does not charge – No Pedal Assist

Impacted Units: 10-15%

Resolution: Update firmware to version to 2.2.4r


Faraday’s firmware contained a bug that leads to temporary loss of communications in the system. There are two telltale symptoms:

  1. The problem only occurs when the bike is powered from off to on – ie., it does not occur during riding.
  2. When powering off the bike, observe the circular blue LED around the on/off button. In normal operation, the LED should blink several times when the off button is held, then power off. If the LED fails to blink at all (ie. stays solid) before shutting off, the bug is in progress.

While the bug is in progress neither pedal assist or charging will take place. Power cycling the bike will not eliminate the problem. The short term resolution is to leave the bike powered on for between 5-10 minutes.

The permanents fix is the update the firmware. For more details on this process refer to this guide.