Mode Selector E-Ink Display Failure - Faraday Bikes

Mode Selector E-Ink Display Failure

Models: All Models

Symptom: Splotchy, low contrast E-Ink display

Impacted Units: 60-80%

Resolution: Update Firmware – Warranty Component


For over a year and a half, Faraday has experienced a high rate of failure on the E-Ink display used for the battery gauge on our mode selector. The symptom involves splotchy and low contrast (difficult to read) display segments, even when the bike is powered on.

The cause was found to be in the display firmware. By repeatedly driving the selectors incorrectly, the display grows striated and no longer switch to white. New production selectors have updated firmware that should extend the life of the displays well beyond their warrantied life.


Dealers Actions

Dealers are now able to correct the display firmware on current bikes. This is done with the Faraday Utility and take under five minutes. Instructions can be found here.

Depending on selectors age, the display will respond differently to the firmware update. It will take multiple cycles (turning the bike on and off to refresh the display) to see a meaningful improvement in the display quality. Some display will be too damaged and should be warrantied. See the picture below to compare your selector after doing the firmware update



We encourage dealers to proactively update the selector firmware to version 2.1.2 on both floor bikes and customers. The sooner displays receive the update the better they will respond.