Bent Connector Pins - Faraday Bikes

Bent Connector Pins

Models : Cortland – WM7G + WM7H, Porteur – WM7B

Symptom : Selector connector pins are not lined up with socket

Impacted Units : Units: 2-5%

Resolution : Straighten bent pins or warranty top tube cable


For bikes with the serial numbers listed above, we have observed bent/damaged pins in the electrical connector mating the mode selector to the bike. This issue has been caused by mis-assembly at the factory leading to pin damage**. The issue is usually identified when the bike defaults to a single assist mode (ie. the selector appears not to function). This is symptomatic of a bad connection between the selector and controller. Further examination usually reveals the arrows on the the mode selector connector are not lined. Careful inspection of the male side of the selector cable (the cable coming out of the base of the head tube) reveals that the pins are twisted, bent, or broken off. Note that this may require very careful inspection and a light (ie. smartphone flashlight) to see. The best case solution is to straighten the pins by gently nudging them with a razor blade or jewelers screwdriver. In extreme cases the pins can break after which the top tube cable needs to be replaced. Process control steps have been taken to eliminate this manufacturing issue on current and future builds.

**Note that we have also observed pin damage from improper installation by our dealers. Please be sure to train your staff on proper operation of this sensitive electrical connector. The two sides of the connector must first be pushed fully together, using the molded arrows on the connector as a visual guide (the connector is mechanically keyed). Only after being fully pushed together should the locking seal the be screwed closed. Failure to first push the connector together will cause the pins to be bent and damaged. Thanks for your help on this important training point!