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Top Tube Cable Replacement




This is a shared a guide for both the Cortland and Porteur. The part and procedures are a little between the models. The Cortland cable (left) terminates in a 6 pin Molex connector while the Porteur (right) terminates in an automobile connector. The steps are labeled for the relevant model.


Tools Needed:

  • Diagonal Cutters
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • 2.5 mm hex key
  • 3mm hex key
  • 5mm hex key
  • 15mm socket wrench
  • Masking tape
  • Bicycle grease
  • Small Zip ties (2)



Step 1: Remove the zip ties securing the motor cable to the fork and disconnect the motor cable from the front wheel.

Step 2: Remove the front wheel using a 15 mm socket wrench.

Step 3: Loosen or disconnect the front fender bracket from the fork. You can leave the rest of the fender connected to the fork.

Step 4: Pull the headlight cable out from the steer tube and disconnect the M4 connector.

Step 5: Remove the stem cap and pull the headlight cable out of the fork. Pull the stem off and leave the bars hanging to the side of the bike.

Step 6: Remove the spaces from the steer tube.

Step 7: With a mallet, assertively tap the steer tube down. Make sure the hammerhead is flat or place a pedal wrench in between so that the steer tube does not deform. You should now be able to remove the rest of the headset and pull the fork out the frame.

Step 8: You will find a plastic shim inside the headtube. Grab one corner with the needle nose pliers and twist while pulling up.

Step 9: This will expose the front half of the top tube cable. You can now route the cable back into the headtube. Pull the loose ends out the top of the headtube.

Step 10 – Porteur Only (Skip to Step 13 for Cortlands): Remove the seat post. Then remove the shim with a needle nose plier. NOTE: CAREFULLY OBSERVE HOW THE CABLES ARE ROUTED AROUND THE SHIM.

Step 11 – Porteur Only: Remove the side panels from the controller (2m). Then remove the controller bracket from the frame (2.5m)

Step 12 – Porteur Only: Disconnect the white automobile connector by pushing in the clip with 2mm. Pull the old cable out of the frame from front to back.

Step 13 – Cortland Only (Skip to Step 16 for Porteurs): Remove the access panel from the seat tube (3m).

Step 14 – Cortland Only: Disconnect the black Molex connector. Even though this is the only cable that needs to be disconnected it helps to pull out all the cables tucked in the seat tube. Pull the old cable out of the bike from front to back.

Step 15: Tape the M4 ends of the new top tube cable. Rout the new cable into the top tube from front to back.

Step 14: Rout the cable down the head tube making sure it’s flat against the inside of the tube. Use the access panel to measure how much cable should be exiting the bike.

Step 15: Reconnect everything, being especially careful when reinserting the shim on the Porteur.