NCTE Bottom Bracket Replacement - Faraday Bikes

NCTE Bottom Bracket Replacement



As of 2017, all Faraday ship with an NCTE bottom bracket. Earlier belt drives also shipped with an identical unit, THUN. If one is just replacing the battery on a belt drive bike, the simplest process to remove the eccentric shell. However, in all other cases, it is important to know the correct order of operations when removing the NCTE from the bike. If removed or installed in the wrong order it becomes easy to damage to the cable running to the sensor.


Tools Needed:

  • 3mm hex key
  • 8mm hex key
  • Shimano crank puller
  • BBT-22
  • Masking tape
  • Bicycle grease
  • Small Zip ties (2)



Step 1: Open the seat tube access panel with your 3m wrench. Pull out all the cables inside

Step 2: The torque sensor cable is the green Molex connector. Find and disconnect it.

Step 3: Remove both crank arms with the 8mm hex wrench and a standard crank puller. Make sure to thread the crank puller all the way into the crank arm so it does not strip the threading

Step 4: Now that both crank arms off use a BBT-22 to remove the DRIVE SIDE CUP FIRST. Monitor the green cable as you spin the cup. It should not spool around the sensor. Press firmly the BBT-22 firmly so that it does not strip the spline. The DRIVE SIDE TURNS CLOCKWISE TO LOOSEN.

Step 5: Carefully guide the unit and cable out the bike

Step 6: At this point, it may or may not be necessary to remove the none drive side cup. If it is, remember that it turns counterclockwise to loosen. Install the new bottom bracket in the oppositive order – non drive side followed by drive side. Tighten to crank bolts to 20-30Nm.

Step 7: Reconnect the green connector and tuck the rest of the cables back into the seat tube. Do not overtighten the 3m screws holding the seat tube cover.