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Mode Selector Replacement




Install Guide


Supplies and Tools needed:

  • Flush Cut Clippers
  • 2.5 mm hex key
  • 3 mm hex key
  • Small zip ties (3)



Step 1 Remove zip ties from mode selector cable.

Step 2 Unscrew and disconnect mode selector cable.

Step 3 Loosen the setscrew on the left side grip cap (2.5mm hex key).

Step 4 Loosen bolt on left side grip collar (3mm hex key).

Step 5 Loosen the bolt on the mode selector collar (3mm hex key).

Step 6 Remove the left side grip (6.1) and mode selector from the handlebar (6.2).

Step 7 Empty left side handlebar and remove mode selector to send back to Faraday.

Step 8 Slide new mode selector on to the left side handlebar (8.1). Ensure the e-ink display faces up (8.2).

Step 9 Replace the left side grip with the setscrews facing down.

Step 10 Tighten the mode selector collar bolt (3mm hex key) (10.1), the setscrew on the left side grip cap (2.5 hex key) (10.2) and the bolt on left side grip collar (3mm hex key) (10.3, 10.4).

Step 11 Reconnect the mode selector cable. Ensure the screw connection is tight.

Step 12 Use three zip ties to attach the mode selector table to the left side brake cable. Use flush cut clippers to remove the ends of the zip ties.


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Replace Mode Selector.pdf
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