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Controller (Cortland) Replacement


Install Guide


Tools Needed:

  • Diagonal Cutters
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • 2.5 mm hex key
  • 3mm hex key
  • 5mm hex key
  • Electrical tape
  • Water proof bicycle grease
  • Small Zip ties (2)



Step 1: Remove the zip ties securing the motor cable to the fork and disconnect the motor cable from the front wheel.

Step 2: Remove the seatpost and seatpost collar.

Step 3: Use needle nose pliers to remove the post post shim. You can use two for extra leverage

Step 4: Remove the controller side-panels and remove the bolts attaching the controller to the frame. Unseat the controller from the frame but do not remove entirely.

Step 5: Remove the seat tube access panel using the 3m hex key. (This is a plastic oval cap on the seat
tube held on by.)

Step 6: Disconnect all the cables within the seat tube

Step 7: Access the motor cable. Its a three cable that bends into the top tube. Find the small black zip tie looped around the motor cables. If this is not easily accessible try hooking the cable with the end of a spoke

Step 8: Tug on the zip tie while pushing the motor cable into the frame from the front of the bike. Be patient and slowly work the loop of motor cable around the corner of the top tube.

Step 9: Once the bullet connectors are exposed, cut the zip tie and disconnect the motor cables.

Step 10: We are ready to remove the controller. Pull the controller out out of the frame while carefully guiding the cables out of the seat tube. Set the old controller aside.

Step 11: Before mounting the new controller make sure the taped cables are completely flat. If they overlap or are uneven the seat post shim will not insert correctly and you risk damaging the insulation.

Step 12: Make sure the cables are oriented in the same direction as the controller. Carefully rout the cables down the seat tube 1) Flat gray 2)Motor Cables 3) Battery Cable

Step 13: Leave a service loop of cable between the controller and the frame.

Step 14: Carefully insert the seatpost shim into the seat tube. The shim will press the cables out of the way as it is inserted. NEVER FORCE THE SHIM INTO THE FRAME! If you cannot push the seatpost in by hand double check the cable is flat against the wall of the seat tube

Step 15: Reconnect the bullet connectors on the green blue and yellow motor cables. Zip tie the three cables together. Guide those cable into the top tube while gently tugging on the motor cable at the front of the frame. Pull until the loop is out of the way.

Step 16: Reconnect the other cables in the seat post access panel. There will be one plug left over. This is normal, it’s for the GPS Tracking Device. This will be released in 2018.

Step 17: Carefully replace all the cables into the seat tube. It helps to tuck the plastic over mold down towards the bottom bracket.

Step 18: 1) Reinstall the plastic cover. 2) Reconnect the motor cable on the fork and zip tie it. 3) Bolt on the Controller and face plates

Step 19: Test ride the bike to confirm all function are working normally. You’ve successfully replace the controller!


Replacing the Controller on Cortland S – 3.13.17_v1.1.pdf
1 MB .  Download