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Front Headlight Remounting


The removeable front rack for your Faraday Porteur is the perfect way to get your groceries home. Simply strap in your bags and flick the bike to Boost Mode, you’ll be there in no time. If you frequently use the optional front rack you’ve probably noticed that larger bags block the Porteur’s integrated headlight. This guide will walk you through mounting your headlight underneath the front rack.


Install Guide


Tools Needed:

  • 4mm hex key
  • Flush cut wire cutters
  • needlenose pliers
  • torque wrench with a 4mm hex key attachment



Step 1 Use a 4mm Hex key to remove the indicated bolt which attaches the front fender to the fork.

  1. This is easier when wheel is turned towards you.
  2. Hold on to this bolt, you will put it back on in step 14.


Step 2 Carefully pull the headlight cable out of the bottom of the fork.

  1. This is easier when the wheel is turned away from you
  2. Press down on fender to make room for the cable to come out.
  3. When you do this you will find the headlight cable connector.


Step 3 Disconnect the headlight cable connector.

  1. Unscrew the two sides of the connector, then gently pull them apart.
  2. It will look like this:

Step 4 Use a 4mm Hex key to unscrew the stem cap bolt and remove the stem cap.

  1. This is a long bolt. Just keep unscrewing.



Step 5 Pull the headlight cable out of the stem, as shown.

  1. If the cable is hard to grab with your finger you can use the bent end of your 4mm
    Hex key.

Step 6 There are four bolts holding the faceplate to the stem. Carefully remove these with a 4mm Hex key.

  1. Hold on to the handlebars and the bike light, otherwise they will fall when the
    faceplate is removed. (A second pair of hands might help here.)

Step 7 Use a 4mm Hex key to detach the headlight from headlight mount.

Step 8 You will have the following pieces:

Step 9 Use the bolt to attach headlight to the headlight bracket which came with the rack.

  1. Ensure that the headlamp is properly mounted, with the cord coming out of the bottom of the headlamp.
  2. Do not tighten this, you will adjust the light after it is mounted on the rack.


Step 10 Use the bolt which came with your rack to attach bracket and headlight to the underside of your rack. Use the 4mm Hex key.

Step 11 Use two 4” miniature cable ties with a strap width of .09” (available at any hardware store) to attach the headlight cable to the cable mounts on the underside of the basket.

  1. A pair of needlenose pliers makes it easier to thread the zip ties through the cable mounts.
  2. Use flush cut wire cutters to trim the end of the zip tie.

Step 12 Reconnect headlight cable.

  1. Thread headlight cable through gap in between the rack arms, in between rack arm and the bike frame.
  2. Rotate one end until the two piece slide together. Screw the two metal pieces together to ensure a secure connection.


Step 13 Make a twist in the extra headlight cable and slip it into the fork.

  1. Do not force the cable, this could damage it.
  2. Push down on the fender to give yourself more room. It may be easier to remove the fender during this step.


Step 14 Push the fender up to allow for maximum clearance between the fender and the tire, then tighten the top fender bolt.

Step 15 Slip the handlebar headlight mount into the neck.

Step 16 Hold the handlebars to the neck and attach the new faceplate supplied by Faraday to the neck with four bolts. Do not tighten these bolts until step 18.

a. Note the crisscross pattern on the new faceplate.

b. Leave these bolts loose until step 18.

Step 17 Slide the two shims in between the handlebar and the front bracket.
(This shows the shims pushed half way in. Push them in all the way before tightening the screws.)

Step 18 Push the shims flush with the bracket and use a torque wrench with a 4mm Hex key attachment to tighten all four bolts to 7 newton meters. Ensure that the shims are flush with the bracket and faceplate is not touching the stem on either the top of the bottom.

  1. It is important that these bolts are tightened to 7 newton meters. If you are unsure how much to tighten the bolts please ask a local bike shop to check the installation.

Step 19 Replace stem cap and tighten the stem cap bolt.

Step 20 Turn on the bike and adjust the headlight so that it is aiming slightly downward.

  1. Turn the light on in a dark or dim room, with both wheels on the ground.
  2. Point the headlight at a wall 6 10 feet away.
  3. The top of the bright spot should be slightly lower than the height of bike rack.


And you’re done!
(To remount the headlight on the handlebars simply reverse these steps. Remember that the
headlight should always be mounted with the cable coming out from the bottom. The mounting
bracket (see Step 8)