Riding into the Future: Interesting Innovations in Transportation

As a San Francisco startup with tech neighbors like Airbnb, Adobe, and Pinterest, we’re always fascinated by innovation – especially in the bike and transportation world. It’s interesting to see fresh ideas that can change lives, and we always keep our eyes open for products that are changing the way we think about transportation.
NewLook_Airbag Helmet
1. Airbag for Cyclists
When it comes to bike gear, Europeans are certainly paving the way for innovation. Hövding, a Sweden-based company, has taken a new approach to the typical helmet, and has invented the “world’s first airbag for cyclists”, currently only sold in Sweden and Denmark. What looks like a scarf worn around the neck is actually an airbag that inflates in one tenth of a second during an accident, before head impact. Skeptical about the idea of the “invisible bike helmet”? Watch a video to see how it works in an accident.
2. The Hoverboard
It seems like when we think about the future, wheels are a thing of the past. It’s all about flight. Just ask Marty McFly. Well, it seems like the future is closer than we think. Last week, Lexus released a video teaser for SLIDE, a real-life hoverboard, which apparently runs on superconductors and magnets. Although it doesn’t seem like the product will be available on the market anytime soon, we’re definitely keeping our eye on this in the coming weeks.
3. Porteur eBike
Not to toot our own horn or anything – okay, maybe a little – but we think that our Faraday Porteur electric bikes are truly changing how people see transportation. Some notable features? The original Faraday Porteur has Gates carbon fiber belt drive, which won’t rust like a normal bike chain, snag your pants or get your hands covered in grease. Perfect for bike commuting. Also, our decision to hide the bike’s battery and electronics keeps things simple and elegant, balancing our riders’ desire for a boost with their love of great design.
4. Bluetooth bike lock
Bike theft is something that every bike owner worries about. One product that combines safety and innovation is the Skylock, which looks like a normal U-Lock, but connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and uses solar panels to charge. Features include: unlocking your bike at the touch of a button, alerting you when detecting movement to your locked bike, and allows for easy bike sharing by allowing you to give others access to the lock. Oh, it also knows if you’ve had an accident and checks to make sure you’re okay. Pretty cool, huh? Watch the video to see just how cool it really is.
As you can see, whether it’s about keeping your head safe, keeping your bike safe, or simply finding a new, more elegant way of getting you where you’re going – the transportation game is changing. We at Faraday are excited to be part of the future of transportation with our elegant electric bikes, and look forward to keeping you posted on the developments we see out in the world. Please feel free to share yours with us at riders@faradaybikes.com.