Share your reasons to ride

Faraday’s goal is to get more bums on saddles so we designed a bike that’s versatile, pretty, practical, and super fun to ride. But if you haven’t been on a bike in a while or even considered that you could be swapping car rides for bike rides you may need some more encouragement. That’s where you can help.

Here are some prompts to help get you started.

What is your favorite reason to ride?
Maybe you have more than one? Let people on the fence about becoming a new rider know why riding a bike is worth it.

Why did you choose a Faraday?
Is it your only bike? Did you need something to make riding easier on your knees? To get to work less sweaty? Strictly for carrying precious family cargo? Spare yourself another set of car payments?


What are your top tips for riding?
Within the context of your reasons to ride, what have you learned? The best way to lock up your bike? Are there any must-have accessories?

What riding fears have you overcome? How?
Were you worried about riding in the city but now love it? Maybe there was a hill that you dreaded but now you’ve mastered? What was the mental barrier you broke through?

Your story

Share your story here. Be as brief or elaborate as much as you like! We’ll do the spell checking and formatting and will let you know when it’s live on our website before we share it with the rest of the community.