Battery & Charging - Faraday Bikes

Battery & Charging

The heart and soul of your Faraday is an intelligent lithium-ion battery built directly into the frame (Don’t worry, it’s removable). Unlike older batteries, there is no need to fully deplete the battery before recharging—you can recharge anytime. In fact, we recommend recharging as often as possible.

To Charge Your Faraday: Set the pedal assist selector to OFF mode. Plug one end of the provided charger into a standard wall outlet (at which point the LED on the charger should light up green), and the other end into the charge port on the controller housing until it clicks in place



Within a few seconds, the charger’s LED will switch to a red light, and the circle of rear LED’s on the controller box will begin to spin. This indicates that the battery is charging. When the battery is full, all six rear-LED’s will switch from spinning to solid ON, and your charger’s LED will switch back to a green light. You may leave your Faraday plugged in, or remove the charge plug by holding down the mechanical latch on the plug and pulling it out of the charge port.

A complete charge will take less than three hours.