The award-winning original. Steam-bent bamboo fenders, a Gates belt drive, and smooth-shifting Shimano Alfine 8 drivetrain make this our finest electric bike.

The Porteur comes in either Classic White or British Racing Green, and in your choice of three sizes. See “Sizing and Geometry” tab below to find your fit.

With up to 20 miles of assisted riding on a
single charge, Faraday frees you to
ride like a kid again.
Our built-in LED headlight and taillight make
you visible, day and night.
Our 250W motor powers you through hills
and headwinds with ease.
  • I thought I had accomplished as much fun as I could possibly have on the bikes that I owned… sadly mistaken. Faraday changed everything! Think of these machines as the perfect way to: smile constantly at up to 20 miles per hour, get to a date sans sweaty clothing, grocery shop with less physical power wasted, arrive to a destination in style, and make your friends hella jealous. The bikes are light, sleek and simple to use. Thank you Adam and Colin of Faraday!

  • My Faraday Porteur is a real joy to ride, taking the dread out of long steep hills, opening up cycle rides that otherwise would’ve proved too long and arduous.

    And in traffic, when the lights turn green, I’m away like the wind, leaving other riders struggling to stand on their pedals to gain momentum, gulping the fumes of car as they cross the intersection.

    Best of all,  I can now easily keep pace pace with an extremely fit cycling friend who has biked from Seattle to Washington DC. So all in all I’m grinning wide and happy and very pleased with my Faraday!

    Best wishes to you all

  • I’M IN LOVE!

    I picked up my bike at the end of a very hectic day today. First off, it’s a thing of beauty to behold, and working with Bicycle Space in DC was a pleasure.

    The real joy was climbing on and sailing home. The 6 miles from the bike shop flew by, the 87 degree heat and humidity were not an issue, and the hills that plague the end of my ride disappeared. I rode in normal assist, boosting on the hills and also rode without assist on the flats. It rides like a dream without the assist and when it does kick in its a very seamless change. I got home, adjusted the seat a tiny bit, then got back on and rode some more.

    I’m looking forward to leaving the car at home and having a happier, lower stress commute. The count starts Monday. 280 trips to work and the bike will have paid for itself in saved parking fees.

    Thanks for great service and a great bike!

  • Living on the side of a hill, I wasn’t able to bike and kept getting in worse and worse shape. Having the Porteur made the steepest part of the hill possible, allowing me to build up my strength. Now I mostly use the assist to have a quick-start at traffic lights when there are cars behind me. This bike gave me the chance to enjoy biking again.

  • Test rode one. Awesome ride!

  • I received my Porteur recently and was able to ride it on the first day of Spring. It’s a joy to ride! It’s quiet, comfortable and a very well made bike. I think it’s my favorite among the other bikes I own. I highly recommend it!

  • I’ve been riding my Faraday for a few days now and boy is it a Great ride….Even riding it without using the motor is Great.. Everything on it seems well balanced…Brakes work well, using the gears is smooth, going up big hills is fairly easy, it has a comfortable posture when riding, and has a friggin bright head light that looks awesome. They did a great job designing and building this one of a kind bike…..The people at Faraday were great at answering all my questions thru email/chat about it. Although it is quite an expensive bike,but once you ride one and see and feel the quality parts on it and look at how well designed/built this bike is you’ll know where your money was well spent… It definitely has a classic timeless look to it that will make you love it and pass it on for generations to come…. Keep up the great work Faraday!!!

  • It was instant attraction. I purchased the Porteur off the drawing board and could not be more pleased with my decision. The Porteur makes running errands, shopping, riding to work in downtown traffic or country road cruising a blissful experience. Pedaling up a hill with a load of heavy groceries is amazing.

  • I love my Faraday! It did exactly what I hoped it would do - it makes it easier to run errands around town with my bike, by taking away the hill and cargo weight stress.

  • After over a year I still love riding my Faraday Porter. It always puts a smile on my face and I always have to feed questions about the bike anywhere I go. My favorite feature is how well the bike rides with the power turned off. It is light enough to be a pleasure to ride without the assist and super easy to flip it back on when you don’t want to tackle a hill. The bike is still as good as new with no issues so far.

Faradays weigh in at 39lbs for greater agility
and maneuverability.
Our battery can go from empty to fully
charged in under 3 hours.
Our pedal assist gives you the super powers
you need to get where you're going without
breaking a sweat.

Tech Specs

Lightweight and remarkably smooth, the Porteur blurs the lines between “electric” and “bicycle,” showing the world that great design and the power of electric aren’t mutually exclusive.


Built-in headlight

Light up the night with a modern 4W LED headlight that’s reminiscent of vintage halogen lamps.


Bamboo fenders

These steam-bent beauties will keep you dry, so you always arrive in style.


Durable steel frame

Strong and elegant for a smooth ride that will stand the test of time (and potholes).


Carbon belt drive

Greaseless, silent and maintenance-free, the Gates belt drive is a commuter's dream.


Hydraulic disc brakes

With great speed comes the need for great stopping power, and these brakes deliver.


8-speed hub

Keep your commute on track with this crisp, low-maintenance Shimano Alfine hub.


Weight: 40 lbs

Range: 20 miles per charge

Top Speed: 20 mph

Price: $3,499 or $145/month


Frame: Custom chromoly steel Porteur frame

Fork: Custom chromoly steel fork


Saddle: Faraday Comfort Saddle

Brakes: Tektro Vela Hydraulic Disc Brake

Stem: Faraday Forged 6061 Aluminum, Ahead-Style

Headset: Prestine Sealed Bearing, 1 1/8″, Threadless

Grips: Faraday Leather Lock-On

Handlebar: Faraday 6061 Aluminum, 25.4

Pedals: VP Touring, Aluminum


Gearing: Shimano Alfine 8-speed internal hub, Gates belt drive

Shifting: Shimano Alfine 8 RapidFire Plus, 8-Speed

Crankset: Faraday Forged Aluminum with Gates CDX CenterTrack Sprocket, 50T

Chainguard: Faraday custom chainring guard

Tires And Trim

Kickstand: Massload Twin Kickstand

Fenders: Handmade steam-bent bamboo fenders

Rims: Faraday Double-Wall Disc-Only Rims, 36-spoke

Tires: Continental Contact, 26″ x 1.75″


Motor: Bafang 250W (350W peak) geared front hub motor

Battery: Faraday Lithium-Ion, 43V, 306Wh

Pedal sensor: German Torque Sensor

Control: Faraday Mode Selector w/ E-Ink Fuel Gauge

Front Light: Faraday Integrated, Cree LED, 350 Lumen

Rear Light: Integrated rear LED taillight

Charging: Faraday standard 2A charger (110V-240V, 3hr. charge time)

Size And Geometry

The Porteur’s wide, swept-back bars are designed to place the rider in a comfortable, upright position that’s easy on the back and provides great visibility of cars and other cyclists around you.

The chart below offers a guide for which Porteur is right for you. While height is a good indicator of size, we also recommend measuring your inseam from the floor up, while wearing shoes, and comparing that to the “Standover” height in the chart. Simply 1″ of space between your inseam and the crossbar will make for a comfortable fit. If you’re still not sure, head down to a local dealer to give it a try, or give us a call at 415-834-5860.



Delivered 100% assembled

You don't need to be a bike mechanic to own a Faraday. Heck, you don’t even have to know one.

We make the process of ordering online as simple as possible, and deliver every Faraday fully assembled. Simply customize your Faraday by choosing your color, size, and accessories, then we’ll have your bike delivered to a trusted local dealer who will build your bike so that you get it 100% assembled. Once you have your Faraday, our 30-day guarantee ensures that you’re sure to love it.