Cascade Polaris Front Rack Cargo Bag
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Carrying so much never looked so good! Faraday have partnered with Swift Industries to design a limited edition front rack cargo bag. Lovingly made in Seattle, USA.

Custom quick release strapsĀ around the exterior fit this beautifully crafted bag securely to your Faraday while you're riding and with a few clips, you can carry your bag inside seamlessly.

On the exterior, there are easy-access pockets for your U-lock, phone, wallet, keys, and sunglasses case. Inside you'll find slots for your electronics, pens, and the main compartment can expand upward so you can fit in a remarkable amount of cargo.



Dimensions // 15″ wide x 10.5″ deep x 7.5″ tall

Note: Our headlight can be mounted underneath the front rack, as shown here, so fill this bag to the fullest and still light the road in front of you.

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