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The Electric Glide

Think of an e-bike as a replacement for a car, not a manually powered bike, and suddenly it seems cheap. It seems easy. It seems green. Parking is a piece of cake. And unlike a car, it never gets stuck in traffic.

Electric bicycles emerge as a hot trend in the U.S.

Marino opted for an electric bicycle. He sold his truck, and began riding a Faraday ebike to work and school.

The Best New E-Bikes

Standing on your pedals and huffing and puffing up a hill is totally unnecessary in the lithium-ion era.

The Future of E-Bikes

We love that Faraday managed to combine the chic simplicity of a step-through Dutch roadster with the technological advantages of a pedal-assist motor.

The Two-Wheeled Dreamers At Faraday Want You To See Electric Bikes Everywhere

What sets Faraday e-bikes apart is their elegant design. While competitors tend toward the clunky and utilitarian, Faraday’s two models, the Porteur and the Cortland, echo British touring bikes from the 1960s.

The Case For E-Bikes

But after showing her my office at Bicycling and convincing her to try the Porteur, a tester sent for our annual Editors' Choice awards, she fell in love, hard. Almost 40 years had passed since the last time she’d sat on a bike saddle.

David Pogue's eBike Roundup

You’d swear that the Faraday Porteur is some European-designed import: Light and small, and with minimal clutter, no visible motor, bamboo fenders, classic steel frame, leather handgrips and seat. Wow, is this thing gorgeous.

The Best Commuter Bikes of 2016

Looking for a bike that balances the power you crave from a commute bike and the style you strive to carry through your whole look? Faraday is for you.

2016 Road Bike Editors' Choice Winners

The silent motor melted my cold adult heart, and I was eight years old again.

Provisions Faraday Porteur

What’s remarkable is how drastically it changes your riding behavior, especially when commuting on the same boring route every day. Hills that used to be obnoxious just disappear, and distances are seemingly cut in half.

Far Out

Fasten your pedal clips for Faraday Bicycles—a new line of electric two-wheeled wonders equipped with a speed-propelling “boost” button, now available online.

This Year's Commuter Bikes For Any Budget

The Faraday Porteur S is a simple and affordable electric bike. It is built on a classic chassis but is packed with helpful tech.

An Electric Bike that Looks Like a Regular Bike

Three years after its original eBike the Porteur, Faraday Bicycles is launching its second luxury eBike, the Cortland.

Faraday E-Bike Aims At Women With ‘Step-Thru’ Frame

Its Kickstarter video plays like an episode of “Portlandia,” and the happy-cruiser aesthetic of its bikes may not appeal to core riders. But San Francisco’s Faraday Bicycles continues to draw interest from city riders looking for a different way to commute.

Faraday Smashes its Funding Goal for “The Most Elegant E-bike Ever.”

In the ever-expanding e-bike market, Faraday Bikes continues to stand out. While they’re not the only brand making e-bikes that look and ride like regular bicycles, they are one of the very few making e-bikes that look and ride like particularly beautiful regular bicycles.

Faraday introduces the Cortland, a step-through frame for their gorgeous e-bike

When we talk of bicycle urbanism, about bikes as day to day transportation, these are the kinds of bikes that we imagine filling the roads.

Three electric bicycles to help spice your commuting rides

For those who are not competing in global bicycling competitions, electric bicycles are awesome additions to your transportation options.

Faraday Cortland Review

One of the most beautiful, well balanced electric bikes I've ever tested, silent belt drive with internally geared eight speed Shimano Alfine hub

Conquer hills in style with the elegant Faraday Cortland electric bicycle

Despite their functionality, the electric bicycle has earned a reputation for being clunky and ugly. Thankfully, Faraday is here to change that.

Faraday Cortland Electric Cruiser Bike

I can see the more cruiser-like Cortland being the perfect bike for running errands around town or even throwing a kid on the back with Faraday’s Yepp-seat compatible rear rack and heading to school.

Step into Faraday’s stylish new Cortland e-bike with some smart features

Faraday out of San Francisco is having some good success with their Porteur line of bikes, which were one of our favorite e-bikes to ride because it still felt like a regular bike when not using the motor.

Faraday launches Cortland Kickstarter campaign

The Cortland line builds on the award-winning design of the Faraday Porteur, with a few key additions: a higher capacity battery and more efficient motor.

Faraday Cortland

Faraday finally adopts the more user-friendly step-through frame. The Cortland has a 250W front hub motor, a 290Wh battery that lasts up to 25mi, an 8-speed Shimano Alfine hub and a Gates carbon belt drive.

The Faraday Cortland

The new model is poised to aid Faraday’s sales growth, as the proportion of their customers who are female is much higher than the rest of the electric bike industry.

Faraday Bicycles Kickstarts its First Step-Though Electric Bike

Faraday Bicycles, which revolutionized the electric bike market with its stylish and award-winning Faraday Porteur, has announced a Kickstarter campaign for it newest line: the Cortland.

The Faraday Cortland is a new electric bike named after... Us!

Faraday says the Cortland offers “the perfect balance of style and utility,” which means the new bike is exactly like everyone who lives in Bernal Heights. Unlike Bernal Heights, the Cortland offers easy access, thanks to a new step-through frame design.

The Most Fun E-Bike Money Can Buy

The Faraday Porteur could be the motor-assisted bike to start changing minds. Yes, it costs as much as a nice race bike, but it's a very worthy investment.

Dream Ride: Faraday Porteur eBike

Beyond the electric assist, be prepared for one more dimension of the Faraday experience: It’s power to fascinate. The look of the bike attracts attention; people want to chat about it, because it is at once familiar, and not.

The Gift of Green

A next-generation electric
bike to make you want to
give up your car, the Porteur
has a tiny battery and 250-
watt motor that power up
to 20 miles of assisted
pedaling per charge ($3,499;

How and eBike got me back on the road after 18 years

After happily being a car and bus commuter for over a decade, the Faraday Porteur S e-bike made a biker out of me.

The 5 Most Badass Utility Bikes at Interbike

The haters are going to hate, but e-bikes are the future, especially in the urban and utility realms. And before you jump all over the holier-than-thou, don’t-be-so-lazy arguments, ask yourself, “Would you rather see more electric-assist bicycles in your city or more cars?”

7 Ways to Bike Around San Francisco in Style

Because you might as well look good doing it

The Most Elegent eBike Ever

This simple, elegant electric bike grabbed the attention of our managing editor's entire neighborhood.

Today in Gear

"Faraday’s new electric bike, the Porteur S, is the perfect way to simplify your commute."

6 Hi-Tech Eco-Friendly Products For The Summer

"Adam Vollmer, founder of Faraday Bikes, truly understands bike design, what bikers like, and keeping Mother Nature happy."

Faraday Porteur S

The elegant utility bike combines state-of-the-art technology with timeless design and style, inspired by delivery cycles dating from the 1940s and 1950s, it features the same frame, motor and battery as the flagship model but at a much lower price.

Faraday launches less expensive version of Porteur e-bike

"With its unique twin-top tube silhouette and hidden battery pack the Faraday Porteur stays apart from the crowd of futuristic-looking e-bikes on the market."

The Faraday Porteur Is The Urban Electric Bike Of Your Dreams

"One of the most interesting features of the Faraday Porteur is boost mode. The electric aspects of the bike allow you to push power through the wheels for consistent pedaling."

Help dad start a new hobby this Father’s Day

"Giving dad a USB charger for his phone is not exactly an expression of love. Instead of just picking up something from Wal-Mart next week, consider a few eclectic gifts that will help him develop a new hobby."

S is for savings! Faraday Releases the price-conscious Porteur S E-bike

"The new Porteur S is a more affordable model of the Porteur. It features the same frame, motor and battery as the flagship model but at a much lower price point under $3000 USD"

Faraday Porteur S Review

"The Porteur S is classy, works well for men and women and accomplishes something really special in my mind, it’s still fun to ride even when it’s powered off."

Faraday creates lower-priced eBike: Porteur S

"Now the California company is launching a $700 less expensive version of the eBike, the Porteur S, by making some small but important modifications."

Conquering SF’s Hills in Style on a Zippy Electric Bike

"(The Faraday Porteur) is one of the most elegant and zippy e-bikes we’ve tried."

6 Hi-Tch Eco-Friendly Products For The Summer

"The classic and beautiful design hides the electronic components so efficiently that it puts many bulky and downright ugly electric bikes to shame."

Out and about for bike to work week

KGW News personality Drew Carney gave the Faraday Porteur a test ride for Bike to Work Week, taking a ride into work live during the telecast.

Ever thought about biking to work? Here's what you need.

"If your budget is larger and/or you have hills to contend with, you need something a little more than a single speed. Even the laziest of us can hop on two wheels these days with the Faraday Porteur."

A tale of two bikes: A very pretty Faraday Porteur and a story that's not so pretty

"CES is a vast ocean of iphone cases, so the Faraday Porteur electric assist bicycle stood out like gold among the dross."

Faraday Electric Bike (video review)

"Urban commuters are getting more and more comfortable with the idea of biking around, but in places like San Francisco, that can be a drag. Faraday Bicycles hopes to change that."

Does This New Electric Bike Get Your Wheels Turning?

"There are plenty of ways to get around a city, to suit nearly every lifestyle: trains, cars, rollerblades and subways. But, the one you may not see on the streets of most urban cities is the electric bicycle. That is, until a promising startup swooped in on Kickstarter and … captivated the engineering and design world with their first bike."

This Just Might Be the Perfect Commuting E-Bike

"Here in San Francisco there are the hills that, no matter how low your gear, will result in a sweat-soaked shirt. And this is where the Faraday Porteur's stealth electric motor comes in."

Faraday’s electric bike offers the urban cyclist style and power

"At first glance, it is hard to tell that it even has a motor in the hub of its front wheel or a battery embedded in its traditionally styled frame. This is a beautiful bike regardless of the technology."

Why I Left My Job at IDEO to Design the Ultimate Electric Bike

"After my own personal electric bike transformation, it’s clear to me that the possibilities for electric bikes are enormous."

A Modern Electric Bike with a Retro Look

"For those who have an appreciation for a retro aesthetic and modern technology, the Faraday Porteur might just be the thing for you. Remember several years ago when we featured Faraday when this idea was just a concept for a competition? Well, now it’s a reality that the public can buy!"

How to build an electric bike that people will actually want to ride.

"Electric bikes like the Faraday could usher in a more sensible, more sustainable model for transportation in the next decade."

I sing the bike electric.

"The designers of the Faraday Porteur have nailed the elusive important bits by prioritizing the e-bike’s bicycle-ness."