Our Story

Our Story

We’re a small team who passionately believe that bicycles make the world a better place. Faraday began with a realization – we are surrounded by bicycles, yet so few of us use our bikes as much as we could in our daily lives.

We asked a simple question; why is that, and what could we do about it? We learned that peoples’ time is important, that riding a bicycle (especially in dense urban areas) is intimidating, and that it’s no fun to get to the office dripping with sweat. Armed with that knowledge, we set out to try to create a solution – without sacrificing the looks, the feel, and the experience that we loved so much about bicycling in the first place.

The result is Faraday. We’re proud to build the world’s finest electric bikes – by and for people who love to ride. We don’t build the biggest and fastest electric bikes out there, because we don’t think a bicycle should weigh 60 pounds. We don’t claim the furthest range – because we believe in honest advertising and trusting our legs to get us home in a pinch.

We DO build electric bikes that will make you smile and leave you searching for excuses to ride more. We make bikes that will make strangers stop you on the street with admiration and curiosity. We make bikes for people just like you, and we invite you to give one a try. Happy riding.


January 2011

The ultimate bicycle for modern living

Faraday began when a team of designers and engineers from IDEO was asked to design the ultimate modern utility bicycle. The challenge was posed by the Portland-based bicycle design and innovation contest the Oregon Manifest. We saw an opportunity to create a totally unique electric bike and worked nights and weekends for 6 long months to bring that vision to life. Read more about the contest that started it all.

July 2011

Building The Faraday

Before Faraday Bicycles, there was only The Faraday Bicycle. We teamed up with Paul Sadoff, the master bicycle builder from Rock Lobster cycles, to design the bicycle that launched the brand. Paul helped ensure that great bicycle building is in Faraday’s DNA from Day 1. See pictures from our design process here.

January 2011

The People's Choice

Faraday was unveiled alongside entries from some of the top design firms and bike builders in the country in September, 2011, at the final Oregon Manifest awards. In on online judging, voters from around the world selected Faraday as the People’s Choice winner. The Oregon Manifest’s expert judges weighed in as well – read why they chose Faraday.

July 2012

From People's Choice to Kickstarted

Faraday’s success at the Oregon Manifest showed the enormous potential for a better electric bike. On the heels of one successful popular vote, Faraday turned to the recently emerged crowdfunding platform Kickstarter for its commercial launch. Faraday Bicycles was founded and Kickstarted on July 19, 2012, reaching its funding goal of $100,000 within a week and going on to raise over $175,000 from hundreds of (awesome) backers around the world. See the original campaign

May 2013

The Faraday Effect

Like any crowdfunded project, the journey from prototype to product is long and complex. No great product gets built without a great team, and building a great team requires a vision. For Faraday, that vision took place in the months following Kickstarter as we came to better understand our customers, our product, and our purpose. For a beautiful rendition of that story, see this short video produced by Whole Foods’s documentary team Dark Rye.

August 2013

Design Process

Building an electric bike from the ground up requires engineering every piece of the bicycle – from the frame to the battery to the software – to work together perfectly. It took dozens if not hundreds of frame and fork prototypes to 3D prints to circuit board revs to perfect Faraday’s unique electromechanical systems. See highlights from that year-long design process here.

January 2014


By January, 2014, Faraday’s first production run of Porteurs was underway. Our team managed a global supply chain stretching from Portland, OR to Suzhou, China. Being hands-on from beginning to end of our first production process was an invaluable opportunity to learn on the fly. We worked with our manufacturing partners to address problems and practice continual improvement – part of Faraday’s tireless commitment to refining and enhancing our products. See photos from the production of Faraday’s first run of bikes.

April 2014

Faraday in the wild

On a sunny day in the spring of 2014, our team watched – and cheered – as Faraday’s very first bikes were pedaled out the door by happy customers. Since that day we’ve shipped hundreds more to Faraday riders all over North America. We still get a rush of excitement every time we spot one on the road or hear a great customer story – so keep them coming! Check out our Experience page to see what our riders have to say about being a Faraday owner.