Opting Outside for a Faraday Friday

Opt Outside BLog
Our Faraday headquarters is located a stones throw from the San Francisco REI. When we cruise by it we’re reminded that the outdoor outfitter is taking a stand for something many of us believe in – that getting outside can greatly improve your life, and your mood. For many of us, that means getting out on two wheels, with the wind at our backs and the sun in the sky.
That’s why we’ll be joining REI in opting outside this Friday, and encourage you to do the same. If you’ve got a Faraday, jump on that baby and work off that turkey lethargy. If you don’t, just get outside and get moving any way you like.
It’s not like getting outside is a new concept, Black Friday has just been looming ever larger in the recent years and we’ve forgotten about the world outside of the warehouse. In 2008 Portland State University put together a report on the health benefits of biking and walking and found that getting your legs moving also gets your brain heading in a better direction.
The same has been proven of cycling as a stress reliever. It forces you to regulate your breathing and breath deeper. That’s the first thing anyone tells you to do to calm down; take a deep breath.
Basically by getting outside on Black Friday, you’ll be de-stressing, creating memories with loved ones, AND aiding all the cognitive functions that will help you remember those stress free memories forever!
Here at Faraday we plan on making some pretty sweet outdoor memories ourselves. Read on for a glimpse at our plans, and share yours this weekend with the hashtag #FaradayFriday. We’d love to know what you get up to.
Peter is opting out and on to Lopez Island off of Washington. Once his kitchen duties are done and his apron is hung, he’ll be grabbing his chainsaw and work boots to make sure the brush is cleared and there’s enough firewood to keep his family warm.
JT is hosting a neighborhood block party and calling upon several musically inclined friends to set the tone. If only his Faraday could dance that boogidy woogidy shoe.
Colleen is migrating to Marin for the weekend to breathe that fresh air and stretch her legs on some hikes around Mt Tam. We have a feeling she’ll quickly wish she was on a Faraday.
Victor is heading even further North, visiting family in Portland where he’s sure to find a hill to climb on his Friday ride. He always impresses us by taking his Faraday to new heights. *swoon*
Monty is trading in his two wheels and a motor for a couple of planks and a steep incline. Tired of climbing up hills, he’s headed to Mammoth to bomb down the slopes.
Adam will also be tackling a mountain. Though he’ll be swapping his trusty Faraday for a road bike this Friday and heading on his traditional post-turkey ride up Mt. Diablo in the East Bay.
And, closer to home, Michael will be pedaling his Faraday through Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach, where he’ll stare longingly at the sea wondering when our belated Dungeness Crab season will start…
We hope that all of you Faraday riders out there will join us in opting outside this Black Friday. If you happen to have a digital device with you, show us how you’re opting outside by sharing your shots on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with #FaradayFriday.
Happy Thanksgiving and happy riding!