UPDATE: We did it! Over 2,000 trees will be planted in California over the next 12 months thanks to the generosity of the donors and most recent Faraday customers.

Our home state of California’s forests and many communities around the state have been hit hard by wildfires this year. Cherished landscapes were transformed. As fires continue to rage in Southern California, we find ourselves thankful for what we have and looking for ways to give back to the people and places hit hardest by the flames.

As the state starts to rebuild, Faraday wants to lend a hand by replanting 100 trees for every bike sold. We are able to do this thanks to our partnership with OneTreePlanted.org and their ‘Million Tree Challenge’. Scroll down to watch the video, learn more, and see how you can get involved this holiday season.

500,000 Acres Lost

Faraday has partnered with nonprofit One Tree Planted to help support the reforestation efforts now underway across the state. Faraday will be donating $100 from every bike sale this season to plant 100 trees across the state.

Wine Country Damage

It's estimated that the cost of the Northern California wildfires alone will be around $85 billion. This includes the loss of tourism and tax revenue that the area's region provides in addition to the response and recovery costs.

Thank You, Firefighters

Five fires have raged across Southern California in the past two weeks alone – burning more than 250,000 acres around Los Angeles. This matches a similar acreage that burned in Northern California in October. All donated funds end up supporting Cal Fire, the agency on the front lines of fighting the flames across the state.

“Waiting for my Faraday was like being seven and awaiting Christmas morning!”

- Tiffany

“Before my Faraday I used to alternate between 7 other bikes.”

- Adam

“Riding a Faraday is like having super strength.”

- Fabio & Flavia

“My favorite Faraday moment has been cycling with my kids and having them wondering why people keep stopping me to ask about the bike.”

- Amo

Build Your Bike

Help us raise funds for Cal Fire by donating to One Tree Planted.



Buy a Faraday eBike and we’ll donate $100 to plant 100 trees in California.



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