One Email Reminded Us Why We Love What We Do

Doing a bike event in Austin recently, we had the chance to give a few hundred folks a test ride on a brand new production Faraday.  Test rides are always fun, and this one was especially fun.  Maybe the best part, though, was this email that came in a few days later from a gentleman who’d tried out a Faraday Porteur.  This literally made our day.  It’s one thing to set out to deliver a new experience and change the world’s mind on ebikes.  It’s a whole other level when the world writes back to tell you to keep up the good work.
“Good evening Adam. We met last week while you were in Austin … and your gorgeous bikes caught my eye while riding by on my Big Dummy. … [Y]our bike blew me away.
Up until I experienced your bike I was against E-bikes for two reasons. They seemed lazy and I detested the look of them. After riding your bike for those brief moments my perspective has completely changed.
Thank you for changing my perspective on E-bikes. I realized they can be gorgeous and help out in those sweltering days. I hope to one day purchase a Faraday and now feel that bikes like yours can change the landscape of Urban areas in America.
Thanks for blowing me away,
Awesome.  Thanks C, we love the feedback.  We’re looking forward to giving more test rides and changing more minds!
Have you ridden a Faraday?  Let us what you think: / @faradaybikes.

This isn’t the guy who emailed us, but it looks like he was having a pretty good time too…  (photo credit @_DevinParker)