Holiday Wishlist for your Faraday Rider

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With Hanukkah next week and Christmas zooming up right behind, this is a great opportunity to fill out your holiday wishlist and make sure those who love you know what would make the bike you love an even jollier sled.
Last year our list was filled with items from around the internet and the biking world. This year? Well, we’ve come a long way. And we now have our own accessory store filled with items that will make you fall even more in love with your Faraday.
Of course, if you haven’t picked up a new sled in a while, perhaps you know someone generous enough to snag you a new Faraday… Because unlike last Christmas, you could actually get a Faraday under the tree this year. Again…. we’ve come a long way.
And it’s all thanks to amazing supporters like you. So thank you for riding with us this year, and we wish you, your families and friends a happy, safe and warm holiday season.
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Walnut Little Lifter
While we worked hard to keep your Faraday’s weight as low as we could, lifting your bike by the top tube can still be cumbersome – particularly with full baskets and panniers. The solution? This beautifully crafted frame holder.
Leather Lock Holder
Far and away the favorite accessory around the Faraday office, this convenient, stylish, snug-fitting lock holder puts the eternal question of “Where do I put my lock?” It also has a pouch for your keys.
Handlebar Riser
If you’re a little taller than the average rider, or simply prefer an even more upright posture than our Faradays already provide, the Satori Handlebar Stem Riser is for you. It gives you the extra couple of inches you need to sit back and enjoy the ride.
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Faraday T-shirt
Let the world know that you’re bike is electric, and was the best idea you’ve had in a while… Comes in both men’s and women’s sizes.