You're invited!

We put this club together to celebrate Faraday pioneers like you. People who believe the future of transportation involves two wheels, two legs and an occasional boost – and who know that great design means you don’t have to compromise style to get the ultimate in utility.

We also wanted a way to thank you for being the best ambassadors we could ask for as we work to get more people riding every day.

We look forward to a long ride together!

Exclusive gifts and gear
Throughout the year we’ll surprise   you with special gifts and introduce unique FRC merchandise throughout the year that only you can access.

Free Faraday weekends*
Twice a year FRC members can request a bike for the weekend so you can ride with friends in from out of town, or simply friends or family who haven’t yet gotten on the Faraday bandwagon.

“Refer-a-friend” benefits
Every FRC member gets 5 referral codes for $200 off a Faraday that you can offer friends, family or fellow riders. Plus, each referral earns you a $50 credit in the Faraday web store.

Special events and offers
We don’t even know what they are right now! But our best guess is we’ll be bringing you group rides, early access to new products, and other treats throughout the year.

Glide with us

Join the Faraday Riders Club

  • Examples: in a bike shop, from a friend, ebike review online, digital ad, saw one on the street, etc. This really helps us out!
  • e.g. Bike shop name or Faraday website
  • Somewhere we can send Faraday goodies in the future.