Five Uses For an Electric Bike During the Holidays


When most people think of bike riding they don’t think of winter as the premier riding season. Think again! If you were planning on tucking your bike away for the holidays, think twice – there are plenty of reasons why an electric bike is a holiday hero.

1. “The Errand Runner” : the holidays are a time of eating, drinking, gathering and forever running trips to get that one last thing you forgot at the store. Instead of risking your sanity to brave the mall or the grocery store parking lot during peak shopping hours enlist your trusty electric bike to shop for that one last spice to make the perfect dessert. Nothing feels better than pedaling past the gridlock for front door parking at all your favorite local spots.

2. “The Family Entertainer” : Do you have a horde of relatives you need to entertain? In need of an activity to get folks out of the house and keep them occupied? Hello electric bike demo rides! Since less than 1% of the population has ever ridden an electric bike you can ‘wow’ them with their first e-bike ride and send them up the biggest hill they can find.

3.   “The Calorie Burner”: Turkey comma or holiday cookie overload? A leisurely post meal pedal around the neighborhood can keep you active in the midst of a busy season of delicious temptations. Not only is the motor useful when you are stuffed but you don’t have to subject yourself to the full spandex kit.  Even with Boost Mode, a little exercise goes a long way this time of year.

4. “The Holiday Tour Vehicle” : One of the best kept riding secrets are neighborhood night rides. There is no better way to check out the neighborhood’s lights then bundled up on a bike. You are going fast enough to cover some ground and generate a little internal heat but slow enough to appreciate everyone’s decorations. Perfect family activity or romantic evening for those long winter nights. Plus, with your Faraday’s integrated lighting, you’re part of the festivities!

5. “Santa’s Helper”: Looking to spread the holiday cheer around your neighborhood? Load up your front rack with goodies, attach the kids trailer for your little helpers and throw some decorations on your bike for added flair. A great excuse to visit neighbors and friends while you introduce them to Santa’s new, environmentally-friendly delivery vehicle. After all, spreading cheer and spending time with your loved ones is what the holidays are all about.