Financing: The Ride Faraday Plan



Do you offer a financing option?

We want to make buying a Faraday fit into everyone’s budget. We pay monthly transportation costs on everything from a metro pass to a car payment – why not for a Faraday? We’ve partnered with Klarna, a global payments solution company, to offer a 0% APR, 24-month financing option that starts at just $104/month. At checkout, simply select the “Ride Faraday Plan” as your payment option, enter your date of birth and last four digits of your social security number and Klarna will run an instant credit check to see if you qualify.


Is it really 0% APR?

Yep! Faraday covers the cost to offer this promotional pricing. As long as you make your scheduled payments each month, you pay 0% interest.


What happens after purchase?

If approved, the transaction will be complete and we’ll process the order. We’ll be shipping your Faraday to a local dealer for assembly like we always do, and we’ll be in touch to confirm the next steps. Klarna will email you to get set up for payment on their platform.


Can I use the financing option with one of your retailers?

We need to process financing orders on our website for the credit check, but you can still use this payment option to buy a Faraday in coordination with your Faraday dealer. As you’re checking out on our website just select the dealer that you’re working with and we’ll connect with them to either ship a bike or use one out of their existing inventory.


Can anyone sign up for it?

As long as you pass the instant credit check, anyone over the age of 18 who is a US resident can use this payment option. Klarna doesn’t allow us to offer the plan to non-US customers at this time.


What if I don’t pass the credit check?

Klarna manages the approval process and will let you know if you aren’t approved. To contact Klarna with follow-up questions you can also reach them here:


Can I make a down payment?

Sorry, but their system isn’t set up for that. Your total purchase amount is broken down into 24 equal payments and you pay that amount each month.


Can I make a larger payment to pay it off early?

Absolutely. There’s no penalty for making a larger payment at any time or for early payment. Klarna manages this by simply shortening your term so your monthly amount will stay the same.