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Walk out of the house, and you have no shortage of transportation options. Your car, the local bus, your favorite ride-share app, and maybe, if you're in the mood for a workout and a breath of fresh air, your old 10-speed. Faraday is giving you a brand new transportation option, the one that will become your BEST option in a hurry. Get ready to raise your expectations—your choices just got an upgrade.

More smiles,
less sweat

reduce your

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in a hurry

ride safe,
ride more

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A Better Bicycle

A Better Bicycle

Don’t let its classic silhouette fool you—every Faraday starts with state-of-the-art engineering for the perfect marriage of beauty and brains. We obsess over the details to give you the finest-riding, and finest-looking, electric bike on the planet.

In other words, the best bike you’ve ever owned.


Motor? What Motor?

Lightweight, silent, and efficient, the Faraday motor packs a mighty punch while drawing little attention. An internal clutch makes the motor nearly frictionless so it only propels you – never slows you down.


Naturally Powerful

A torque sensor measures your power and pedaling speed, then delivers that data to our pedal assist algorithm to give you a totally smooth ride that feels like a perfect extension of your body.


Charge Almost Anywhere

Our charger lets you plug into any standard wall outlet to recharge your battery in under 3 hours – just like your laptop. Long commute? Purchase a second charger for the office to double your range.


Electric From the Inside Out

Faraday's custom 250Wh lithium battery is the heart and soul of our bikes, delivering 20 miles of range in a package that is totally concealed within the steel frame.


Light the Way to Safety

The Faraday headlight's aluminum bell shape is reminiscent of a vintage halogen lamp – but with a modern 4W LED to light up the night. Matching rear LED lights keep you safe on the road.


Power at Your Fingertips

At the flick of a switch, turn from STANDARD pedal assist to OFF, or select BOOST mode for a surge of power to tackle the steepest hills and headwinds.


Safe, Comfortable Upright Design

An upright geometry is comfortable for riding, makes you more visible to drivers, and improves your own view of the road.


Carefully Selected Components

Electric bikes demand components suited to their speed and power. But that shouldn’t come at the cost of great design.


Everything You Need

An important aspect of elegant design is making sure all your needs are met. And we’ve put extra thought into those elements, like the kickstand and fenders.


Elegant, Durable Steel Frame

Since the dawn of the bicycle, steel has been the material of choice of discerning frame builders for its exceptionally smooth ride and life-long durability.


More of What You Want

Your bike should reflect your needs, and your personality. That’s why we’ve made it easy to personalize your Faraday with custom accessories like racks, bells and more.

Built to last

It’s sad but true—many bikes wind up gathering dust in the garage, sidelined by a flat tire, a rainy winter, or lack of interest. Not true for electric bikes. Ask any bike mechanic and they’ll tell you—electric bikes get ridden, HARD. It turns out that a bike that’s more fun to ride gets ridden more – way more. We think that’s a beautiful thing.

Faraday bicycles are built to handle all the use and abuse you can throw at them, with minimal service.

Riding in the rain? Our sealed electronics can handle it
Stop-and-go commute? Our internally-geared hubs deliver years of crisp shifting with virtually no maintenance required.
Rough road ahead? We’ve chosen Kevlar-reinforced tires that make flats ALMOST a thing of the past.

Ready to ride (and ride, and ride…)? Our lithium battery has a lifespan of over 10,000 miles of riding.
Need a replacement? Even though it’s hidden in the frame, a Faraday Battery can be easily replaced by any bike shop.
Battling the elements? Our battery is packed with features to maximize performance and extend its useful life, even in extreme weather.

Want some peace of mind? All Faraday bicycles carry a 2 year warranty on battery, electronics, and frame.
Need a hand? In the unlikely event of a warranty issue, or for standard maintenance, any bike shop – whether a Faraday dealer or not – can service your bike. Most importantly – our engineering and support team, is here to support you.

Pick It Up 100% Assembled

You don’t need to be a bike mechanic to own a Faraday. Heck, you don’t even need to know one.

We make the process of ordering online as simple as possible, and deliver every Faraday fully assembled. Simply customize your Faraday by choosing your color, size, and accessories, then we’ll have your bike delivered to a trusted local dealer who will build your bike so that you get it 100% assembled. Once you have your Faraday, our 30-day guarantee ensures that you’re sure to love it.