Great bikes begin with great people

Meet the Faraday Bicycles team

The next time your Faraday makes you smile, these are the people to thank.

faraday adam
Adam Vollmer
Founder, Chief e-Bike Convert
Greatest Faraday Accomplishment

Delivering my Mom’s Faraday, followed closely by biking around SF on a Porteur with Sir Richard Branson.

Favorite Bike Ride

Palo Alto to Woodside Bakery

Peter Dennis
Head of Operations and Finance
Greatest Faraday Accomplishment

Getting our inventory, warehousing, shipping and sales systems running like they’re in Boost Mode.

Favorite Bike Ride

Simply hopping on a Faraday and riding The Wiggle through San Francisco on my way home every night.

faraday michael
Michael Lattig
Head of Marketing
Greatest Faraday Accomplishment

Using a Faraday to consistently beat the 10-minute mark on a morning commute that otherwise takes 30.

Favorite Bike Ride

Anything that takes me to or along the coast. Right now, that usually means heading through Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach.

faraday jt
JT Burke
Product Manager
Greatest Faraday Accomplishment

All Boost… all the time.

Favorite Bike Ride

Cavedale Massacre

faraday victor lane
Victor Lane
Experience Manager
Greatest Faraday Accomplishment

Climbed the highest hills in San Francisco without breaking a sweat.

Favorite Bike Ride

From San Francisco to Santa Cruz, camping at the halfway mark and enjoying breakfast on the beach.