The Faraday Fleet

Faraday is proud to partner with some of the most forward-thinking companies, hotels, and organizations in the US, both big and small, to help change the way we get around our cities. This ranges from corporate bike programs, incentives for employee bike purchases, or custom color orders for your business. Our electric bikes are:

Intuitive: No complicated screens or training needed. We put design and user experience first.

Safe: Integrated lights, disc brakes, and upright geometry combine with a smooth pedal assist to safely navigate your city.

Reliable: A lifetime warranty on the steel frame, puncture resistant tires, and premium components provide a low-maintenance ride.

Fun: Our lightweight and stylish electric bikes deliver a 20-mile range and are a blast to ride.

Here are just a few of the reasons to get a Faraday Fleet.

  • To increase the number of employees biking to work, which has a huge impact on individual health and commute satisfaction. 71% of Faraday riders say they’re happier than they were before owning a Faraday.
  • To create a compelling and easy to deliver employee perk that goes beyond the commute to work. Almost 50% of our customers use their bikes primarily for errands or recreation.
  • To offer a unique amenity to your customers or guests who are looking for the sort of memorable experience that riding a Faraday provides.

Email us at sales@faradaybikes.com to get in touch.