The Making of an Electric Bike

We’re just as excited as you all are about our new Porteur S arriving in early August. So excited that we wanted to share some behind-the-scenes footage from our product manager’s trip to Tawain, where he oversaw production of these beautiful electric bikes for the past two weeks.
It’s great to see a bike we love be produced on a larger scale, knowing that each Faraday we create can change someone’s life. Check out the photos below to see the manufacturing process in action, and happy riding!
Fun fact: the first step to creating our Faradays is the paint job. These particular frames are the newest color, Faraday Grey, on the Porteur S. The next step is installing the electrical system that makes them electric bikes, and testing them before anything else is added. That way they get to you in perfect working order.
The wheels – created by a couple pretty snazy machines – are added on soon after. If you’ve never seen how wheels are made, check it out in this video. Above you can see our Classic White Porteur S’s, painted, wheeled and ready for the next few steps!
One of those next steps is adding the handlebars, which you can see above. Those are made in Taiwan, an important stop in each Faraday’s international journey. That includes tubing, rear hubs and shifters from Japan, bottom brackets from Germany, carbon fiber belt drives from the US, and kickstands from Switzerland! Talk about a well-traveled electric bike.
Lastly, these nearly completed, gorgeous electric bikes are boxed up, placed on a boat, and steaming their way across the Pacific. And now, the countdown begins… We can’t wait to see a pack of Faraday Porteur S’s riding around soon.