Faraday Bikes Are Now Shipping!

We are happy to announce that Faraday has begun shipping bikes from our first production run of Porteurs!  So far dozens of our Kickstarter backers in the Bay Area have received their bikes, and by the end of July we will have put close to 200 Faradays on the road.  An ENORMOUS shout out has to go out to our team and network of vendors and partners, who have worked super hard to make this happen, as well as to our Kickstarter backers and early customers, who have to be the most patient group of people on the planet.  We’re fortunate to be supported by people who truly understand that it takes hard work and time to create something truly innovative.  Our early adopters aren’t just buying a bike, they’re supporting a revolution in cycling, and we can’t wait to put a huge smile on their face when they go for that first spin on their new Faraday.
Check out some of our early beta riders enjoying their new bikes, and see what people have to say:

“Getting around by Faraday is now my BEST option.  I get there more quickly and its much more fun.  I love beating racers up the hills.  I ride when I can and have noticed, with the arrival of my Faraday (#005), that I now commute almost everyday.  The pedal assist completely transforms my hometown San Francisco experience.  It’s a gorgeous cycling game changer.  I had high hopes for my Faraday but I never thought it would be this good.”
“Just checking in to say I love this bike more and more every day!  … Great exercise.  Great fun. … Just loving it.  Wouldn’t change A THING.”
“1st commute to work on my very own Faraday!  Only 30 minutes vs. at least 20 in my car.  Only problem is that my face hurts from smiling.”
“I am adoring my new bike!”
“I love the inevitable chats with many fellow bike riders whenever they spot me and my Porteur. … They generally focus on the elements of style … A great way to make new friends!”
We have a growing wait list of pre-orders for Faraday’s next production run, which will ship in late 2014.  To reserve a bike from that next production run, click the big orange “Pre-Order” button on the home page or in the navigation window above.
We will be doing our best all summer long to make Faraday more visible and available to folks like you who are interested to kick the tires and learn what we’re all about – all around the US.  Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to hear about new products, announcements, and events near you.  If you’re in the bay area and interested in taking a test ride, we’d love to hear from you.  Shoot us an email at support@faradaybikes.com or tweet @faradaybikes, and we’ll get you out for a spin.
Happy Riding!