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Where does the name Faraday come from?

Michael Faraday (1791-1867) was a pioneering British physicist whose research in the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry paved the way for today’s safe, modern electric motors – like the one in your Faraday! It’s our homage to one of the greats of science. A little nerdy? You bet!

What kind of range can I expect with my Faraday?

Range can be affected by many factors: size of the rider, load on the bike, age of the battery, terrain, weather, and the mode you’re riding in (our standard assist mode or Boost mode). All things considered, we see an average of 20 miles per charge when riders are using standard assist mode and riding on relatively flat terrain. You can also expect the same range on all of our bikes.

Do your bikes recharge while you’re pedaling? 

No, they do not. This functionality makes bikes a LOT heavier and a LOT harder to ride. You wouldn’t have nearly as much fun, we promise.

How long does a Faraday take to charge?

Charging from empty, it takes just under 3 hours to reach a full charge.

Do your bikes have regenerative braking? 

No, they do not. Regenerative braking may be great for cars, but it’s not as good for electric bikes. Instead, Faraday bikes have conventional high quality disc brakes and a quick charger to fill up the battery in no time.

Do your bikes have a warranty? 

Yes, they carry a two year warranty on all components, frame, and batteries.

Are Faraday electric bikes sold internationally? 

Yes, our bikes are sold across most of Europe through a distribution partner. Please visit this page for more info. If you’re an interested international customer outside of our shipping zones or a distributor interested in carrying Faraday, please get in touch! You can join our mailing list or email us at info@faradaybikes.com.

How do I get my Faraday serviced? 

Servicing Faraday bikes is just like servicing a conventional bicycle. In the event that your Faraday’s electronics need to be serviced, contact Faraday’s service department and we’ll connect you with a local bike shop who can quickly replace any damaged components and get you back on the road.

How does the Faraday turn on and off? 

The Faraday turns on with a simple “ON” button on the rear of the bike. Once ON, you can control whether the pedal assist is enabled, disabled, or in “boost” mode with the Faraday’s thumb switch. That’s it!

Does the Faraday come in a women’s version? 

The Faraday Porteur is a unisex design, meaning it works just as well for men and women, and we have standard sizes to fit riders from 5’2″ and up. We also have the Faraday Cortland, a step-through model, that you can see in our shop.

What are the main differences between the Porteur, Cortland, and “S” models?

We have two main bike models: the Porteur with the double-top-tube frame and the Cortland with the step-through frame. For both the Porteur and the Cortland we also have an “S” model that has a lower price point and some important differences with its parent model.

The Porteur and the Cortland both have a carbon belt drive, internally geared hub, hydraulic disc brakes, leather grips, and bamboo fenders. The “S” models, by contrast, come with a traditional chain drive, external derailleur, mechanical brakes, cork grips and steel fenders. All of our bikes have the exact same range, battery, and electrical configuration.

What is the weight limit? 

The rider weight limit for Faraday bikes is 275 lbs.

Is it possible to replace the integrated batteries? 

Absolutely! The battery can be easily removed and replaced by any local bike shop. We’re using a high quality lithium chemistry that we expect should provide many years of service but, in the event that a new battery is required, a replacement will cost approximately $450.

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