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Sometimes we’re bypassing city traffic to take the long way home, or riding in the rain to make a quick trip to the store. In this video Alex gets a morning surf in before work. Whatever the destination, riding a Faraday lets us enjoy the everyday adventures.

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  • Often mistaken for the battery, our motor controller is actually the hub for all the communication on the bike. Need to ramp up the power as you start to climb a hill? This guy is there to make sure that your acceleration from pedal stroke to motor spinning is smooth and on time. It can also handle a little water too. #faraday #ebike #studio #stingray #blue #bikelife #controller #bamboo #waterproof #electric #classic
  • #newbikeday courtesy of @morebikenashville #ebike #faraday #havefun #bikemore #driveless #electric #nashville #bikenashville
  • Snug as a bug #tistheseason #keepriding #fall #ebike #faraday #portland #pnw #nutcase #bikelife #commuter #porteur πŸ“Έ @bromka
  • Given that most US cities still only have about 1% of commuters getting to work by bike, we're always curious to learn about commutes and how we can help bump up that number. We caught up with @tedgetten, a Faraday rider and resident of a hilly SF neighborhood to get his take.
"My ride is about 4 miles each way with a 300 foot change in elevation. Thus, my ride to work is downhill, the ride home is uphill. My morning commute includes a very special passenger, my 2.5 year old, as I drop her off at preschool before heading on to work. After I get her buckled in she immediately says, "Get on the bike, daddy!" and then as I start peddling, I hear "wheeee!" She loves our "bi-cycle-able" as she calls it...I now hate when I have to take a car in to the office as I don't get my mental space that my ride affords and it takes much longer via car. I think that electric bikes have the ability to get more people riding. The city is hilly, biking is hard, and ebikes make everything more accessible. But, I think the city needs more biking infrastructure - protected bike lanes please - to help get more people biking." #commuter #commutebybike #faraday #ebike
  • Sometimes it's better to take the long way home #betteronabike #ebike #faraday
  • Shout out to bike buddies 🐾 #faraday #freeride #dogsonbikes
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  • Our friends at @southcongresshotel in Austin are turning two. To celebrate we've teamed up with them to give away a vacation package for two including a 1-night stay at their sweet hotel and complimentary Faraday bike rentals. Just look at how much fun these two are having on them! πŸ˜€

Head on over to @southcongresshotel and click on their latest post for how to enter. #austin #southcongress #raffle #SCHyear2
  • Happy Labor Day everybody! Fortunately our Classic White Porteur will still be in style tomorrow too. πŸ˜‰
  • Lean into that last day before a long weekend. #faraday #friday #ride

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