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Two Brothers Bicycles

4415 City Centre Rd Unit 200, Firestone, Colorado, CO 80504
(303) 513-1111

Rick and Sally Darenberg

At Two Brothers Bicycles, the focus is on family and neighborhood riding. They are there to help make your bicycling experience the best possible. Give them a call or stop by their shop today!

The seed of this idea was sewn back in 1994, when my wife, Sally, and I were driving home from the Ohio State Fair through a little town and saw a Bicycle Shop for sale. For the rest of the drive, we talked about owning our own shop and even thought of inquiring about the cost of buying that shop. We were living just outside of Dayton, OH at the time. I was in the Air Force and stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB. Both of us are history buffs, so we’d been to the Wright Museum in Dayton as well as the Air Force museum. Given our circumstance, we didn’t pursue that opportunity but over the years we’ve casually revisited the idea – sometimes adding a coffee shop in the mix of what we would offer. Now, 18 years and two careers later, the opportunity to realize that dream presented itself. At first, it was still little more than a passing thought but the more we talked about it and thought about how that dream started and more importantly where it started, the name, “Two Brothers Bicycles”, inspired by the Wright brothers just seemed like the right name for our shop.