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Sunnyside Sports

930 NW Newport Ave Bend 97701
(541) 382-8018

Susan Conner, Mike Schindler, Don Leet

*Official Faraday Demo Provider*

Sunnyside Sports is rooted in the core of this beautiful mountain town of Bend, Oregon. An early hub for Bend’s cycling and cross-country skiing communities, Sunnyside has shaped the last 40 years of Bend’s outdoor culture. Sunnyside remains today a center for exceptional knowledge and service, embracing the heart of the Central Oregon outdoors–The joyful spirit of rolling, sliding, or marching forward.

We’ve been getting people on bikes since 1972. We can’t wait to get started with you! There’s a special kind of freedom that only comes on two wheels, and we want to help you experience that. So we offer some of the most respected bike brands, a thoughtful assortment of gear and apparel, and the most skilled mechanics in town.