401 South Grand Ave Santa Ana 92705 monica@evelopros.com https://evelopros.com/

Craig and Monica Erion

eVeloPros is an Electric Bike only retail and full-service facility in Santa Ana (central Orange County) California. The 4,000 square foot facility caters exclusively to the eBike enthusiast, from economical daily commuting to serious road and mountain bikes.

eVeloPros is the brainchild of Craig and Monica who discovered the joy of eBiking almost two and a half years ago. Prior to that they had been riding bicycles together for nearly 15 years…but were rarely riding together together, if you know what that means. That all changed on their eBikes. For the first time they could climb and power through the flats together. It was a game-changing moment, one that continues to this day.

Craig is no stranger to ‘powered’ two-wheeled vehicles. He founded Two Brothers Racing in 1985. Those of you in the ‘Moto’ world will instantly recognize the name as a premier manufacturer of high-performance parts and accessories for on and off-road motorcycles. Long before Craig and Monica met, Monica raced road motorcycles and owned several motorcycles with TBR exhaust systems on them. Funny sometimes how life works out…

Looking forward to meeting you all soon and getting to see that smile on your face when you first throw a leg over an eBike!