Customer Spotlight: A New Yorker Who Loves to Ride

Customer Spotlight
We love when customers are as enthusiastic about electric bikes as we are. So, when we spoke to Kingdon Knowles in New York City (or, we should say, when Kingdon called to speak to us!), we knew we wanted to share his story.
A business owner, family man, music enthusiast and outdoorsman, Kingdon was in search of a bike that would make bike rides with 13-year-old daughter Olivia a more frequent part of his life. After some research on electric bikes, he test rode a Faraday at Propel Bikes in Brooklyn. It was “love at first ride.” Read about his journey to finding the perfect electric bicycle, and how this savvy New Yorker is using a Faraday to feel like a kid again.
What’s your first bike memory?
I’ve always enjoyed biking. My first memory is of my sisters Connie & Kathleen giving me a push on what seemed to be a gigantic bike. I had to climb on, and couldn’t touch the ground with my feet, riding until I fell then coaxing my sisters to, “Push me again!” Finally I got the hang of it.
What got you interested in electric bikes?
At first, I thought maybe I would get a throttle-powered bike. But, as I was researching more, I noticed most electric bikes looked cumbersome, with a large external battery. As I researched more, I realized that “Pedal Assist” was the way to go for me personally. This way, I could ride as if it were a regular bike but use the Pedal assist if needed. Best of both worlds.
What did you think the first time you rode a Faraday?
I was blown away! It was exhilarating. Being a gentleman in my 50’s, we’ll say, it spoke to me as being a smart choice on several levels. I test drove it at Propel Bikes in Brooklyn and afterwards, bought it on the spot! Chris at Propel was awesome.
What are you doing the most on your Faraday?
Riding with my daughter was the main reason for getting the bike. We ride two, possibly three times a week. Not too far. We live in the city so we have limited “safe” roads to travel on and I want to be sure Olivia is safe as we ride.
Has your Faraday changed your day-to-day life at all? If so, how?
I’m always excited for the next ride, that’s for sure.
Any other Faraday moments?
I called your headquarters in San Francisco and spoke directly with CEO Adam Vollmer. He was at first hesitant to take my call, not knowing who Kingdon Knowles was (he probably thought I was some salesman) but once I coaxed him onto the phone, I gushed about the experience I had of riding this incredible bike for the first time. He listened, and seemed genuinely enthused. I think this bike is such a great bike, I just love it.
Note from Faraday CEO, Adam: Kingdon’s enthusiasm for his Faraday is fantastic, and I will always remember his call. I love connecting with Faraday riders and hearing their experiences first-hand, so feel free to shoot me an email any time. Better yet, share your story with us here so we can put the spotlight on you next time!)