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Our mission, put simply, is to get more bikes on the road. We firmly believe that electric bikes, when done right, have the potential to dramatically increase the amount of people who commute, run errands, exercise, and just go for joy rides on bikes! The Cortland builds on our progress to date and helps us reach more potential riders by adding more range, a more efficient motor, and better software – not to mention the added style and ease of use that this new step-through frame provides.

For several years now we’ve been working with our small, family-owned factory in Taiwan. They are in many ways an extension of our team here in San Francisco. They worked with us on the production of our original Porteur and as of last week have just helped us wrap up the production of the Cortland. We’re excited to report that the bikes are officially on the way and are due to arrive in San Francisco on 9/26!

We wanted to pull back the curtain a bit on our manufacturing process and share some photos taken by JT, our Product Manager, who was on the ground to oversee the final stages of production for the Cortland.

Here is a frame being prepped for alignment:

A Cortland frame being prepped for alignment

In this short clip a frame is being aligned. A real look at the craftsmanship involved in making each bike:

A rack of Cortland frames ready for painting:

Completed frame waiting to be painted

The frames being painted in Stingray Blue!

Cortland frames being painted

For those of you who have ordered a Cortland or Cortland S already, they are on the way! If you’re interested in pre-ordering one, you can still do so here.

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