Congrats to NYC Bike Share!

We’ve been enthusiastically following the roll out of New York’s much anticipated (and much debated!) new bike share program.  As the Daily News reports in this recent article, the program has all the early signs of being a great success.  We never doubted it would be, but nonetheless, we’d like to give the folks out in New York a big congratulations for persevering in putting blue bikes alongside yellow cabs on New York’s crowded roads.

Photo credit: CBS Local, NY
We hope that New York’s bike share is an ongoing model for rolling out bike sharing programs around the US.  Washington DC may have paved the way for bike sharing in the US with their popular Capital Bikeshare, but many may not realize that their are scores of bike sharing programs around the US, from Nice Ride in Minneapolis to B-Cycle in Omaha, NE.  There’s one more than one bike sharing program slated to open right here in our hometown of San Francisco, in the coming year.
Keep your eyes peeled for Faraday bikes available for rent through bikeshare or other sharing programs … it may well happen down the line.  For the time being, the only way to hit the road on a Faraday is to pre-order one of our Limited Edition first production run, shipping at the end of 2013.  Nonetheless, we look forward to riding side-by-side with the new bike share programs popping up around the country.  More bikes on the road = better bike infrastructure, greater visibility for cyclists, and safer streets to welcome new commuters and riders.  It’s a virtuous cycle we’re proud to be a part of, and we look forward to seeing it gain steam in the years to come.

Happy riding!